Showing off her personality and style

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:53 pm

It’s no secret if you follow this blog or follow us on social media who has the biggest personality of us all. It’s MM! Whether it’s her funny faces, serious faces, laughter or hands covering her mouth, her feelings and emotions have always been displayed right there on her face. She is either being silly or hyper or a combination of both which makes her highly entertaining at the moment. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t have me in a fit of laughter and tears.

Even from a young age she has a shown an interest in what she wears and what she likes. She has had her own voice long before most children even care about these things. I have always given her a wide berth to be creative and let her own personality shine through. I think it’s so important to let them be who they are and not who we want them to be, of course, within reason.

MM turns three next month which is hard to say out loud. My last baby is no longer a baby and growing up at the speed of light. She has a favorite color now and a hair preference each morning when she is getting ready. All these things seem like minor details and yet way too mature for my littlest baby. Why does the second child grow up faster than the first? Where have the days gone?
When her personality shines through bobux shoes little fierce accessories
I love her corky, bright fashion style that she has created for herself. It really does match her loud personality. Shopping has turned into a thing we can now do together where she picks and chooses the colors and patterns she likes. Somedays she doesn’t match but that doesn’t matter because to her that’s what she likes and a way of expressing her own style. I got lucky because the girl has style. She picks out things I wouldn’t necessarily put together and then I look back and think she got that one right.  She may not always get the right outfit for the right season and therein lies a battle of no coat or no sweater but she is also willing to wear whatever I want her to wear come a special occasion and for that I am so grateful. When her personality shines through bobux shoes little fierce accessories
If there is one thing I wish I could pull off as good as my daughter it’s her love for various patterns together. I love the grey stripes of her dress matching her navy stripes of her shoes and the bird pattern separates it but the navy background ties it all together. When I let MM pick some new shoes for our holiday in Spain she went straight for these Bobux pink and navy sandals. They are so cute I would love them in my own size. Soft pink leather back and brown leather strap holding them in place with a canvas peep toe to keep her feet cool in the hot sun. They seem to go with everything in MM’s closet at the moment too. Another favorite style of MM’s is the split dress style that looks like a top and a skirt like this Mini Boden dress. It comes in five different patterns and is great to throw on after a long day of swimming at the beach. Last but not least, our favorite Little & Fierce sunglasses. Now I say “our favorite” because well they fit me too. It pays to have a small face. We have had these since last summer and for only £6 you definitely get your wear out of them. We shared them quite a bit on a USA trip last summer but this year in Spain MM wasn’t giving them up. They really do suit her.

When her personality shines through bobux shoes little fierce accessories
When her personality shines through bobux shoes little fierce accessories

“My little comedian, her face says it all!” ^

Not only does MM love to show off her personality and style in choosing the things she wears and how to do her own hair but she is the ultimate poser at the moment too. I think there might be a little diva in the making here so I proceed with caution. But at her age, it’s so cute to watch her be shy one minute to our friends and then burst with comedy when I get the camera out the next minute. She clearly feels more confident in front of the camera that has always been in her face than meeting someone new. When her personality shines through bobux shoes little fierce accessories When her personality shines through bobux shoes little fierce accessories


Dress – Mini Boden

Shoes – Bobux

Sunglasses – Little & Fierce Kids

When her personality shines through bobux shoes little fierce accessories
While I let her grow up and become her own person I sit back and feel proud of the little girl she is becoming. She may seem like a diva in the way she wants her hair a certain way or a certain outfit on for that day but ultimately she is kind, sweet, loving, and has manners to be proud of. What more could I ask for?

I am so excited to watch her personality and style continue to grow, change, and evolve as she grows up. She really is fast becoming a little girl. I hope we always have a tight bond like I have with my own mother. I look at her feel this huge amount of love for her each and every time. When you have a first child that love is so strong and you never imagine loving another person as much until you have another child and that love is just as strong and amazing as the first.  When her personality shines through bobux shoes little fierce accessories
We were sent these shoes for a review however all other fashion items were purchased by me. All items I would personally recommend for quality, wear, and washing. These are my own opinions and MM’s on these items alone. 

9 thoughts on “Showing off her personality and style”

  1. She is so cute! She reminds me of Miss C at that age. She definitely is the personality of our family and she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t! Maybe it’s a girl thing!

  2. Oh my goodness she is so cute! Love that whole outfit. Thanks for including our sunglasses too xx

  3. Aww her personality seems very similar to my little miss in her sense of style and she is adorable. I hope that my little miss and I have a bond that we share that my mum and I don’t have. xx

    • Thanks lovely. I think you will have an amazing bond with your little one you can tell how close you are already in the way you talk about her. Some mother daughters just aren’t close and have differences. I hope you and your little miss continue to grow together and into a beautiful relationship. My mother has always been my rock and friend and I hope I have that with Missy Moo too.

  4. Wow how lovely Jen! I love the photos of little missy moo, she looks much older! Maybe that’s why she’s called missy moo!

    • Thanks she is really growing up fast on me that’s for sure. Not sure what you meant by your comment but yes she is called Missy Moo. 🙂 She is finding her little personality and showing it off I love it.

  5. Ooh, you picked out some very stylish bits. She looks great in them. Bunny also has that summer dress too, it’s perfect for hot summer days

    • It really is great to throw over after a long day of swimming or on in the morning to run and be free in the sunshine. She loves helping pick her things out in shops now too.


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