A Double Feature for Mother’s Day #Lifecloseup

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:30 am

It’s Mother’s Day! What better day for my favorite instagrammers’ roundup to fall on than on a day where happy mothers are sharing their amazing snaps of love all over their feeds today. It’s been one of the best #lifecloseup tagging days. I truly have loved seeing so love pouring out. Since it’s a special day, I thought I would shout out my favorite Mother/Child #lifecloseup captures as much as my favorite zoomed in captures from this week’s#lifecloseup. It’s a double feature people! I hope you will like it. 

Happy UK Mother’s Day! While it may not be fair I get to celebrate it twice, I can’t wait to see all the love pour out again on instagram come May for USA Mother’s Day. As mothers there always seems to be a lot of judgment but come this special day it’s like we all unite together in sharing life’s greatest gift of all, our babies. I only wish we all stayed united all the time. Come catch these beautiful mothers below sharing their love. 


Mother's Day Special edition of #lifecloseup an instagram community




Of course, I couldn’t leave out all the amazing captures that have been joining in this past week. I am truly loving the style and creativity these instagrammers shower #lifecloseup. Their feeds are just as amazing as these captures below. Here are some of my ultimate favorite instagrammers this week. I love photos that give inspiration, motivation or full of pretty little things that make you want to go decorate. I hope you will join me in sharing the love for these.

MY FAVORITE CAPTURES FROM THIS WEEKS #LIFECLOSEUP:Mother's Day Special edition of #lifecloseup an instagram community



jmcglynn, espressiefrommammawithlove

Last but surely not least, my own favorite captures this week. It’s been a busy week with Grandma still visiting. We can’t believe how fast it’s going with only one week left, sadly but I am being grateful that she is here now for Mother’s Day. We have had a truly special one this year as it’s been years and years since we were together for it. Lovely to capture three generations together maybe one day back home, four generations. My own kids showered me with homemade cards, tulips, and handcrafted paper flower baskets which was such a lovely surprise. It was the first year where they truly got it was a special day to celebrate me. I couldn’t have asked for a better day with them playing at the park and having lunch in the sun together. We ended it off with coffee at the cafe just me and my own mother for an hour of bonding. I only hope that my daughter and I are as close as I am to my mother when she is older. 

MY OWN FAVORITE CAPTURES THIS WEEK: #LIFECLOSEUP:Mother's Day Special edition of #lifecloseup an instagram community

Come join in my instagram community and start hashtaging your zoomed in captures of life. Anything is welcome as you can see above. We would love to get to know you and your ig feed. Why not follow me too just click the button below. Happy Snapping! 

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    • Oh thank you babes that means the absolute world to me. I hope others feel the same. Its great places to get to know more people and be inspired and motivated in life. I love it.

  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! Looks like I am in some pretty amazing company too! Love linking up to this community, such an inspirational place! xx

    • OH thank you Kara I am truly enjoying ever minute of it and so many amazing snappers are joining in feels amazing. I love instagram so much it really is my favorite.


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