The perfect Father’s Day Gift

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:21 am

This year is definitely flying by with a blink of an eye. I know that’s a cliche, but so very true. I can’t believe we are half way through the year tomorrow. What happened to May? While we gear up for our upcoming two months in America with my USA family, we have Father’s Day to celebrate. 

Each year, I try to get creative with the kids. I don’t like to just buy a shirt or something golf related and say its from the kids but I like to get them actually involved in the present. Mr P is always saying he doesn’t have enough photos of the kids in his office so this year we have made personalized Pop Book Photo Books using the Pop Book App. This app is for iphone, ipod, ipad but Android download is coming soon. It created little 13×13 or 10×10 photo books that can stand up on their own. Perfect for Mr P’s office desk. 

The app is so easy even kids can use it. The kids can easily navigate through my camera roll on my iphone and tap the ones they want. When they reach their photo limit for their book, all they have to do is press the large purple bar to go to the preview stage. There they can make edits if they wish and change the order of the photos. B really enjoyed moving the photos around as he is very keen on things being organised and just how he likes them. B chose a matte size 13×13 photo book. Then he held the phone while MM got to make a mini book of her own for Daddy too. She chose a matte 10×10. So they each got to make their very own personalized photos books of their favorite photos for Daddy for Father’s Day.The Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea Present

They were really excited that Mommy was giving them free reins of her phone. I let them play around with it so they get used to how it worked. Kids learn technology so much faster than we give them credit for. I really didn’t think MM would understand what to do but at almost two years old, she was tapping her favorite photos and scrolling through photos like she had done this all before. I was impressed to say the least. The Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea PresentThe fun didn’t stop at using the app either. The kids kept an eye out on the mail delivery each day until their books arrived. It didn’t take long to receive them either. They torn open the box to reveal their creations as soon as they arrived. They love seeing their photos in print and B was quickly telling his sister, “this is when we went to the beach, or this is when we went on an adventure here and here”. It’s so cute that he remembers every story that goes with each picture and I hope that it makes those fun adventures stick longer in his young brain so when he grows up they will still be there. The Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea Present

As you can see the photos come out clear and the print quality is great. Most of these are instagram captures and they still look good. I really do love the matte look to these too. We have made Pop Books before and I ordered glossy ones which were nice for my food photography but for family photos I really prefer the matte look. I also ordered them with white borders but you can easily tick the black borders option before checkout.The Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea PresentThe Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea PresentThe Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea Present

I think Daddy is going to get a great surprise and love his special Father’s Day gifts this year. It’s a good thing he doesn’t read my blog or surprise is off. haha The kids really enjoyed creating and waiting for Daddy’s present to arrive and then signing their card to him and tucking the photo books right in with the card. Who doesn’t love a personalized present from their kids? It’s definitely a winner this year.The Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea PresentThe Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea PresentThe Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea Present

Of course I like to spoil Mr P for Father’s Day as much as the kids do. I have a lie in planned for him and breakfast in bed arranged for the morning. Nothing starts the day better then fresh fruit, coffee, cream cheese on toast and Sky Sports next to his kids card and present. He really deserves the very best as I couldn’t have asked for a better father to my children. I know he works so hard every day but then still comes home and makes time to read to the kids, teach the kids numbers and letters and always helps with bathtime and those are just the little things that are huge to me and the kids. The kids scream when they hear that door open at 5 o’clock knowing their Daddy is walking through it. It must be the best feeling in the world to be the best loved Daddy ever! The Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea PresentThe Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea Present

What do you have planned for Father’s Day this year? Have you heard of the Pop Book App? You got to check it out, it’s so easy to use and really great price for each book too. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. If you don’t want to buy one right now… enter my giveaway below for your chance to WIN one instead.


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  1. I love popbooks we have made a few now one of which we were lucky enough to have won in your last giveaway!! I think we will have to make one for Father’s Day with pictures of our new addition to our family. X

  2. Nice, as Dad’s need to be appreciated for being part of the family. Sharing family outings, sports, meals etc are important aspects of family life. Photographs are great ways to help keep the happy memories alive.

  3. You have said the app is so easy even kids can use it, so I am hoping it is easy enough for grandparents too

    • They are fantastic we love ours and have them all around the house. Its great just to print out the last few months of my instagram all the time for so cheap and the kids love them too.


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