Baby & Toddler Style Guide: Halloween Edition

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:18 am

Being an American, we are over the top cheesy when it comes to holidays especially Halloween. I searched long and hard of what I wanted my kids to wear this year as their first Halloween together. In the UK I know they usually stick to the more traditional Halloween costumes of witches, ghosts, vampires, etc. but in the states anything goes. Its more like fancy dress of any theme. I grew up watching the Flintstones so I thought what better costumes to pair together than Bambam and Pebbles.

I found a lady that made homemade costumes for Bambam and Pebbles as I couldn’t locate the right colors, style, or what size I was after. It turned out much cheaper to have them made and fit properly. For my son, he had his bright orange fleece bottom with a gorgeous soft fleece black triangles all over and his black fleece strap over the shoulder all fastened with a white fleece bone. He looked so grown up and cute. It even suited him perfect as he already had the really blonde hair. Worn with a matching bright orange fleece cap detailed with more black triangles to complete the Bambam look. I decided to skip the bat. Surely it wasn’t safe for a hyper two year old to run around with a bat around other hyper two year olds.

For my daughter it was harder to order the right size as a new baby she is growing fast everyday. I sent her measurements slightly bigger and only just fit into it by time we went to our first Halloween party yesterday. Her costume was super soft with the same gorgeous fleece as my son’s costume but bright green paired with bright blue bloomers and a white fleece bone glued to a hair clip. Since my daughter didn’t have hair I clipped her bone to her bloomers in the middle to look like a belt clip and pulled out one of her gorgeous white flower headbands I have talked about in a previous baby style guide.

Together their Halloween costumes have been a hit. Two parties down and a few more bashes to attend the costumes have really held up their end and been a success. Back to the drawing board for next year’s matching duo costumes. Best get my thinking cap on now.

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