Sunday photo 25/52

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8 thoughts on “Sunday photo 25/52

  1. Ahhhhhh, love this!!!! It was so nice to get to know you this weekend Jenny and so great to feel like we are proper real life friends now and not just internet ones. Gotta love a toilet selfie!!!! x

    1. Oh Lucy your message really just made my whole week! It was amazing to finally meet you and become real life friends indeed! Had a blast this weekend together. Restroom selfies a must in my eyes!!! Lol

  2. I love this photo Jenny, although I look like a giant next to all of you. How funny! It was an absolute pleasure getting to spend a lot of the weekend with you and Morgana and Lucy, I really enjoyed it and I echo what Lucy said- it was lovely to click with you both and feel like we are ‘proper’ friends rather than just online buddies. You are the sweetest lady and I predict many a night out the four of us in the future! x

    1. Thank you sooooo much Katie. I feel the same to all of you. The four of us make a really great double team!!! Amazing to all be proper friends indeed. I feel so blessed and had an amazing weekend with y’all. Great to get to know each one of you better!!!! You are not a giant hahaha we will just all have to wear more heels! I have no objections to that!!! Lol big hugs. Xo

    1. Yes you too! I am so sorry I didn’t get to speak to you more. I was very overwhelmed and excited and it all happened so fast. lol hahaha Bathroom selfies are a must.

    1. Thank you Sara! Yes, I will be blogging on your time zone (sort of) for two months while the rest of them sleep. Get a taste of your side of it all. Amazing to meet you! You are so lovely just as I thought you would be.

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