5 Considerations to Make When Buying a Pet Rabbit

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:23 pm

Rabbits have become increasingly popular as pets, and they have become the companions of choice for individuals who live in small apartments or cannot afford a dog. However, a rabbit has its own characteristics and requirements, and once you have a pet, it is your duty to give them the best and happiest life possible. Therefore, it is crucial to make all the right considerations before diving headfirst into the project of expanding your household and adopting a rabbit! Below are some tips that you can use a starting point to make the best decision for your family!

Rabbits Can Be Very Active

Rabbits are extremely active creatures that need to be moving around and playing for at least 4 hours every day. While they do need enough space to move around and play, they are also silent pets and require much less space than dogs or cats. Therefore, if you live in a smaller apartment or in a building with other flats, a rabbit might represent the ideal companion. 

They Are Not the Best Pets for Young Kids

For some kids, buying a rabbit is as close as it gets to get a unicorn! While it can be extremely exciting for a child to share time and play with a rabbit, it is also important to consider what is best for the rabbit. In this case, it is crucial to remember that rabbits can get startled easily and should not be picked up from above – actions that young kids can easily take without realising. However, these actions can be damaging to the rabbit and increase their stress levels. Therefore, it is recommendable to wait until your little ones have reached the right age to look after a rabbit properly and safely. But that’s not saying young kids can’t have a pet rabbit, at all, they just need to be responsible and more careful than older children.

They Love Socializing

Rabbits love to be in the company of other rabbits. Just like cats and dogs, they get to know their owner and bond closely with their household. But they also love to spend time with other rabbits. Therefore, if you have enough space and resources, you should consider buying a second rabbit that allows your pet to have all the company needed for a happy life. 

They Need Their Own Space

Rabbits are the best pet to have if you wish to preserve the health of your carpets. Unlike dogs, you won’t need to worry about huge amounts of hair flying around. However, rabbits do require their own space where they can roam and move around freely. This is extremely important to prevent them from building up stress and frustrating behaviour. Without the right space to move, your rabbit might become destructive towards your furniture and home decoration!

Giving Them the Right Foods Is Crucial

Nutrition is important for all pets, but especially for rabbits. Naturally, hay should represent the main food, but you should not forget that some fruit, vegetables, and rabbit nuggets can also help them acquire the needed nutrients to keep developing and growing. It is also crucial to ensure that your rabbit always has access to a source of fresh and clean water. 

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