Cow Says Moo Book Review

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:41 pm

pinitbookpicThis family is packed with book worms and when it comes to reading there is nothing we like better than piling altogether and snuggle up close to read a good book.

As part of the book buddies club from Parragon Books, each month we have the opportunity to review a book from them. Buba waits patiently until the package arrives. I let him open it but we always save it for our bedtime storytime to make it extra special and exciting. 

This month it’s the little learners shaped grab book, called “Cow Says Moo”.mainfamilyreadingphotoMr P is a more theatrical reader than I am so he always reads the books to the kids first. Both kids love this book for it’s vibrant illustrations and numerous animals staring back at them encouraging them to moo, quack, and  oink along with Daddy while he reads to them.

BubareadingtoMMThe love for the story is in their faces here. They both kept pointing to each animal and making funny noises and giggling back at them. Buba loves to point out all the colours he sees along the way. Missy Moo was very intrigued in the handle on the corner. It made her giggle so hard when her fingers kept going through it. 

bothpointingBuba’s favourite page was the page of the cat and dog. After Daddy had read it a few times, he took over to continue reading, in his own way, to his sister. She was pleased to have her brother’s guidance through the story. He taught her how to count the apples on the tree, as you can see above and that horsey should stay in a barn because they are big. 

memorizingitIt was then back to Daddy. It only took a few times before Buba had memorised the cute little story and was beating Daddy to the punch lines. I love that he gets so excited over storytime and with Parragon Books, they really are creative with their stories and innovative with their book designs. Cowsaysmoo1

 The Cow Says Moo is a great chunky page turner. It helps young kids with first sounds and animals as well as make it easy to hold with it’s cut out handle. Its the perfect book for my two, who are close in age, to share. Parragon books are great for encouraging development of movement and reflexes too. 



Buba loves that this book is small and light weight enough for him to hold by himself as other books he owns, he really struggles to hold it by himself. He really loves pointing out the letters as we teach him to learn to read and this book is great for that. 





Missy Moo loves the various shaped chunky pages, making it easier for her to turn the pages. The different heights with cute animals peaky out over each new page, all the way through, keeps her flipping until the end. 



Here is our starting collection of Parragon Books. We are really enjoying each book, each month. If you missed our review on Jiggly Giraffe, check it out below. 

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12 thoughts on “Cow Says Moo Book Review”

  1. I love these pictures, especially the first one and the book looks great, I think Archie would love it

    • Glad you like the books too. They are great. And favorites in the house already. The photo really does say it all? It was almost doing the review for me with that one picture. You can’t fake them being happy and engrossed in a book! hahaha

  2. I love their faces in these photos! They look like they are really enjoying the story, I love bedtime story time, probably my favourite point of the day!

    • Thanks Hayley, it’s mine too. Not because they are about to go to bed I promise. wink wink I love the snuggles and quiet time with them and teaching them letters, colors, and shapes etc. They are like little sponges.

    • Thank you Sam. I am really trying to be more creative with my photos and get better at it. I have so much more to learn and practice with though. Glad you like them. The kids really do love it I love that the one smiling photo does the review for me. lol

  3. The book looks really cute …Not least because of your beautiful shots & how engaged your little ones look! Nice present idea.


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