{Funny Phrases} #29

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“This waterfall is big Mommy!”

“Papa has a big truck”

“That’s a big dog”

“Papa has a big house”

“Mommy, Papa is big too!”

“Is everything big at your home Mommy?”

So we are here, in west coast America visiting my hometown and family. Buba has been here numerous times as a baby but this is the first time he has really started taking things in and asking questions. Of course, this is Missy Moo’s first time and I am sure like her brother at this age she thinks we are just on some random adventure. Either way, it’s amazing to share my hometown and my extended family with my kids. Watching them play with their second and third cousins is such a great feeling. There is so much love here for them even in our absence but amazing to be here now in person and feel it ten times more. Buba hasn’t stopped with questions about Mommy’s home! I love sharing all the stories with him about growing up here and where I used to play as a kid and take him to the same places. Feels a better emotional at the same time that it can’t always be this way. But west coast America or west coast UK Buba’s funny phrases haven’t stopped. They come in full glory day after day and it won’t be long until Missy Moo joins him here.

“My poo is coming Mommy, I need the potty!” on the plane with the seat belt sign on, great timing 

“Mommy it stinks, is that you or Missy Moo?” getting off our third flight, standing at customs

…eat your breakfast, “I don’t need anymore in my mouth, thank you.”

“I don’t think I should eat this,” why not?...“my belly says no.” pointing to his carrots

“Take me back home!” when I told him off for trying to break something at my parents, and further explaining home is very far away and it would be awhile before we return. “Ok, let’s get our clothes then”. 

“What did you do with my Daddy?” wondering why he hasn’t seen Daddy since we got here, I told him he was working and would join us in two weeks. “Tell him to come play now please”.

Kids really do say the darndest things and usually coming out of nowhere. I am normally good at writing them down but with all the traveling going on and readjusting to the time zone I keep forgetting and know I have missed out on some belly busting ones especially from our plane ride. Just think anything embarrassing and awkward that could be said from a 2 1/2 year old out loud so the whole plane could hear, it was said. Like this one…

“Mommy, what you doing? …why your hands down your pants?”

shhh…. mortified as he shouts this as loud as possible. Can’t a girl pick her wedgie in peace without the whole plane knowing. You try sitting for 18 hours and not get one. 

Isn’t it great having toddlers around to make you feel confident and great about yourself? lol Do your little ones embarrass you in public? Would love to hear stories, comment below. 


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6 thoughts on “{Funny Phrases} #29”

  1. Hahahah the wedgie one made me laugh my head off. Little Z has asked for the loo on a flight when the seat belt sign is on too and suddenly you just pray that he’s not going to suddenly just poo in his pants!

    • I know that’s exactly what I was worried about. haha Glad it made someone else chuckle. I did laugh after the color faded from my face. lol hahaha

    • Yes we are having the time of our lives indeed. It’s great to show the kids all that I used to get up to as a kid myself. Never a private moment with toddlers around.


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