Love the little things #27

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:21 pm

Happy Friday and Happy Fourth of July! It’s big day to celebrate for us here in the USA and it’s so good to be home for it. I have only been home a few days and it already feels so amazing. It will be hard to go back when its time to leave. We have been jam packing our days without a minute to spare since we landed. The flight was an interesting experience which I will be blogging about later but so worth it to be HOME! Home is such a great feeling in the heart not just a place that’s familiar. 


I haven’t read much this week as you can imagine it’s been a little hectic trying to get our bodies right from the eight hour time difference and the 28 hours of traveling. It’s definitely harder the older I get too. lol I have had the chance to read some great magazines though. Americans have tons of food magazines on the grocery store shelves and I think the first day I wiped them out. On my journey to bettering my food photography I have been pouring over them each night. 

I did read a blog post the other night from Dear Beautiful – Switched Off and it made me cry it was so beautiful and hit home. I really do need to focus on what’s right in front of me and not through my camera and laptop all the time. They are only young once and it goes so fast. 


In true home fashion, the country music has been playing in the car. It’s so good to be home and have my music back. I have missed it so much and am so behind all the new artist and popular songs. It’s time to catch up. 


My friends are over from Seattle to visit and it’s been a blast having them here with their adorable little boy. We have been swimming, hiking to waterfalls, and tubing down the river, and about to join in all the fourth of July festivities together. Last night we watched a movie called Nonstop. It was a good movie but I am glad I watched it now and not right before I got on a plane home. lol Here is the trailer!


It’s so hot here, and we have been sitting by the pool everyday. I haven’t taken this swimsuit off since I got here. lol I know dirty rat! It’s my favorite swimsuit I have ever own and so comfortable too. I got it from River Island which is a store I rarely buy from but fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. swim suit season


For the 4th of July, I joined in the celebrations and made these yummy Rice Krispy Stars for the occasion. Click the photo for the recipe. 


With the hot weather, it was only fair that I made my favorite frozen yogurt popsicles for all of us. Cooling us down on these extremely hot summer days while we play in the sun. Fro-Yo is the best! Click the photo for the recipe. bluepopsicles

And lastly…

Flying with my kids wasn’t the easiest thing I ever did but it only took me seeing my parents for a second to know it was all worth it. Here are a few happy, easy moments while we traveled. It was great that the arm rest could go up and Missy Moo sat in between Buba and I for most of the first flight. She loved it as did Buba. 

Here is us on our first flight at 6:30 AM all ready for our long journey ahead. 

flying with a baby and a toddler

Here is us about to board our third and final flight a whole day later. We are still smiling. (Mommy just has a few more wrinkles then at the start of the trip). It definitely aged me!  

flying with a baby and a toddler

I am joining in with the lovely Butwhymummywhy for her weekly linky #littleloves

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    • Thank you and happy fourth of July to you too! It’s been great so far and I am so blessed I get to stay two whole months at home. Will be blogging about it a lot in the coming weeks.


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