Missy Moo turns six years old

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:08 pm

My daughter turned six this week. Another milestone ticked off the box for her. She is looking so grown up and yet still so immature and sweet at this age. Normally, I get really emotional for each birthday because I don’t want them to grow up too fast but I was so excited for her to be turning six years old. I am really loving doing more girlie, older girl things with her lately.

It’s been a big deal for her this past few weeks stepping out of her comfort zones trying new things like her first horse riding lesson, and first dance show in front of an audience. I couldn’t be more proud of her and her accomplishments and bravery this month.

She has also lost four teeth in one month. The girl literally has no top row and two on the bottom gone, how she is chewing I will never know. I guess for Christmas she will be asking for her two front teeth and a bit more.


Having her birthday, midweek, meant she got spoiled and all the attention of the birthday girl at school. I have always been jealous of never having my birthday in school time (boxing day, grrr). I think she got ready for school in record time that morning.

We splashed the balloons and the confetti on the dining room table ready for her to walk down and shout, “surprise!” Despite the fact that I do it every year, they all love it. We had pancake birthday breakfast as a family together and she opened her gifts. It was an animal themed birthday as she is obsessed with dogs so there was dog wrapping paper even and a very sequin weenier dog named Flick that joined the family.

The best part of the whole day for her (and for me) was picking her up from school and telling her that she had to change her clothes quickly as she was going on her first horse riding lesson ever. She has been begging me for a year or so to go horse riding. Pretty anything to do with animals, she is in heaven.

From the moment she got on that horse she was hooked. Her face lit up like I have never seen it before and I knew my future at the stables was going to be a long one. I think it’s so important to follow her passions when they are that strong. I can’t wait to see what she does, she is a natural rider.

We made a lovely dinner and chilled at home after her lesson. She was so hyper afterwards from all the excitement of her special day. We didn’t do anything fancy or go crazy on gifts it is always more about celebrating her and making her feel the attention and love from us. I do love birthday celebrations with my kids. There is no greater joy than watching your child’s face burst with happiness however big or small the cause of it.

As she turns six years old, I looked at her, envisioning the woman she will become, the teenagers that will be in her place and how wonderful she is to be around now. She is changing so quickly right before my eyes. I hope I have taught her the right way. I hope she is a strong and brave woman. I hope she knows I am always here for her.

Most of all, I hope we always remain a constant in each other’s life forever. That’s my greatest wish for all my children. Life is unpredictable and we never know what will happen but I hold on to that dream as tightly as I can because I can’t imagine my children ever not needing me.

These milestones are celebrating the year that has passed for a child but also marking the end of each era too. She will never be five again. We can’t slow life down or stop time. We can only move forward and hope we soaked up and remembered (documented) as much of the past as we could at the time.

I will remember her special six birthday forever. It’s in my heart and in my memories and lucky for me its written down her what we did, what she was like and how happy she was to finally become a horse rider.


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  1. I remember people moaning about going to school on their birthday and I had always loved it! Cannot believe that the gorgeous Missy Moo is 6 years old already – I remember following the stories of her when she was a tiny baby. Happy 6th birthday gorgeous girl. xx


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