Independent Medical Examinations: Definition and General Tips

Last updated on June 7th, 2024 at 11:19 am

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Not paying attention to one’s environment might lead to injuries. Truth be told, accidents can be caused due to several factors around us. When an accident is caused by another person, the liable party would want to know the extent of the injury before paying any form of compensation or medical bills. This is where the independent medical examinations come into play. This article will explain what independent medical examination is and how it works. 

Independent medical examination is a medical examination or evaluation carried out on a patient by a professional in the medical field who was not involved in treating the patient. The examination is done to evaluate the patient’s current condition and the course of prior treatment. 

A person who has recently been involved in an accident and has suffered serious injuries have the option to file a claim and secure compensation for their losses. The at-fault party may request to have an independent doctor provide a second opinion or examine the victim. Usually, this is done to reduce the compensation. This is just one of many strategies to reduce compensation. Hire professionals like personal injury lawyers at Fields Injury Law to protect yourself from these strategies and secure fair compensation. 

Car or truck accidents can be very serious, to the extent of causing the death of the victim, if not properly handled. Therefore, a victim of a car accident should be ready to go through a series of examinations to determine the following:

● To ensure that the injury was sustained

● To confirm that the injuries are as serious as the claim

● Also, to ensure that the injury claim is not caused by something else

The doctor plays a role in providing an accurate and unbiased assessment of the physical condition of the injured person and how severe the injury is. This examination includes the following:

● A review of the medical history of the injured person

● A thorough physical examination is carried out to ensure that the accident will lead to a permanent disability or not

● Analysis of the victim’s medical records. This will help the doctor know if the injuries sustained are a result of the accident or just a recurring medical condition. Click here to learn more about what a thorough examination looks like. 

Note that the result is handed to no other person but the court to ensure it is not tampered with.

Although the process can be stressful, this is because the doctor who carries out the examination does not treat the injuries but evaluates them. The doctor could also ask a series of questions on the occurrence of the accident and the symptoms that have been experienced. This is to ensure that they provide a thorough assessment for the court on request.

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During the examination, it is important that you, as the victim, are straightforward and honest about the symptoms that occur and how they influence your daily routine. Downplaying or exaggerating how you feel can have an impact on the authenticity of the report and, in turn, cause you to lose your case or any compensation that would have been given.

It won’t be a bad idea if you request the presence of your lawyer during the evaluation to protect your rights. They will also put their expertise to work and make sure you get substantial compensation. The process can be tiring and stressful when handled on your own; therefore, it is best that you seek professional assistance.

A lawyer not only helps with the independent medical examination process but also throughout the entire claim. They will guide you at every step of the claim. Experienced lawyers are the key to a successful claim.

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