Letters to him & her ~ #11

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:28 pm

writing weekly letters to my childrenhim

Buba, this week I have sat back and thought that you seem older, wiser, and bigger all the sudden. It always scares me when I feel like you have skipped a step or two and getting older faster than you should. You seem to have shot up and are inching towards Mommy’s height (which isn’t hard I know). It’s inevitable that you will be taller than me shortly and I wonder if that will change our dynamics. It will be weird to discipline you when you are towering over me. I know my mother had the same issue with my brother and don’t think that you will get away with anything either Uncle R never did. But just sitting back and thinking about it lately I think it will still change the dynamics a little. It will be harder to come crawling up in my lap when you need comforted. It’s already getting hard to even pick you up. To others they question your maturity level at such an age because they always think you are at least two years older than you really are. There is on thing I am very grateful for you being tall for your age, and it’s that not many bully the biggest kid in the class. As September fast approaches and you will be the youngest in your class I am grateful you have size on your side to help balance it all out. I hope you never are bullied and I hope that you never bully anyone else. These are the fears that are starting to come my way as it gets closer and closer to school time. 

writing letters to my childrenher

Missy Moo, you think you are just as big as your brother. You think you can eat as much as he can, you think you can climb what he can, and reach the things he can. You think you are equals on all levels. I love watching you try to keep up with him and his friends all the time. You don’t give in or come crying when they push you down or won’t let you play but you stand your ground and fight your side. I love that about you. I love your determination in all things even when it’s against me. It’s not a bad skill to have growing up in this tough world. I am glad I have a few more years to protect you from it all. It will be great to see how you change when your brother goes to school. Whether you will start talking a lot more because he won’t be around to do everything for you and say things for you. Your brother won’t be at your beckon call anymore. I am also excited to finally give you more one on one time with me as your brother had before you came along. We will have fun and make the most of it. It seems that time at home just goes way too fast before school takes you away from me too. 

I hope you both enjoy my weekly letters to you! 

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12 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #11”

  1. I think my two are at the same stage as yours. LP seems so much bigger suddenly and Little Man spends his days just trying to do all that his sister can do. I love the black and white photos this week, gorgeous pics x

    • Thanks hun. I favor black and white but don’t like to use it too much because I also love the kids vibrant Colors on their clothes. Hahahah yes sound very similar. 🙂 thanks hun.

  2. Oh so much of what you’ve written sounds familiar to my biggest two; Elma and Missy Moo would get on like a house on fire, they both seem to have that drive and utter conviction that nothing is beyond reach (even when it really really is!). And I hope you’re right about Buba and the height – my Pip is going to be the youngest is his year, but I’m certain that he’ll be one of the tallest!

    • Oh yes you are tall so you can be certain of that. I think it will be true. My brother was really tall and even though a shy person and a bit of a geek type he never got picked on being the youngest because he was huge. Lol I am sticking to that to make me worry less. Yes it really does sound like Elma and MM would get on perfectly. Love it.

  3. The thought of bullying fills me with dread too, my eldest are in year one and reception and I dread when the bullying starts. I hope none of mine experience the feeling of being bullied and I definitely don’t want them to be the bully either, but I don’t want them to just be an observer and watch it happen – I don’t know what I want from them. Why can’t children just not bully… that would be a much happier place!

    • I hope they don’t either and neither for mine. I am so nervous for all that and I don’t think I know what I would do and how I would handle it. So scary. I think we are all in the same boat. I think the same thing but I guess some parents maybe just don’t teach or realize what their children are like. I would be devastated if it was ever my own children too.


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