Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 17/52

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:40 pm

Your smiles are sweet,

Your laughters are infectious,

The joy you both bring me,

Can never be beat!


Buba your personality grows each day with you. You are funny and silly which keeps us all laughing. The things you come out with at the moment are always surprising and hilarious. I often wonder if you will grow up to be a comedian or class clown. You are corky and creative which I love. You can make any thing fun just with your laughter and rambunctious ways. You are growing into such a lovely little boy. You still have your OCD and particular ways which frustrates you when something changes but you soon adapt. You are so clever, and have a new found love for puzzles and reading books. I hope that this will stay with you through school with the extreme concentration you alway show.


Missy Moo you are crawling all over the place now. Attacking your brother’s toys and space at record speed which didn’t give him much time to adjust to you being able to catch him and interrupt his playing. It has been a joy watching you realize you can go get your own toys or follow Mommy into another room. Your giggles have gotten stronger and louder which are very infectious. You think everything is funny from a toy being thrown by your brother to Mommy pretending to fall over. Peekaboo is your favorite game at the moment or where’s the baby? You could play it for hours without ever getting sick of it. You are so curious and nosy especially when we are in public. Reaching out to grab people and things as we walk by. You still are very clingy to Mommy and don’t prefer others to hold you but you will soon start nursery and I hope this will help you become more independent.


Now that you can come join in Missy Moo you follow your brother everywhere. While he is playing cars you come to show him how to knock them all off which really upsets him. Buba you are learning to share everything with your sister. You have had to adjust to so much in the last week with her crawling. You no longer can do a puzzle on the floor, or play in peace while she coos next to you. She is coming up to your level now which you are still assure of. Together though, you both are still a team and have to be on top of one another. Missy Moo you would go and do anything your brother goes or does. Buba, I really think you think your sister is a toy. You drive your cars on her head, try to pick her up and drag her around. Most recently you started to tell her what to do. I can’t wait to see the impact it will have on your relationship as you, Missy Moo learn to walk and really get into each other’s spaces. It won’t be long off!

16 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 17/52”

  1. Gorgeous photos! I thought that he was tickling her head in that top one of the two of them, but perhaps there’s a small car making its way across! Wonderful to capture the developments in their relationship.

    • hahaha ya there is a car. He new favorite thing to use his sister as a road map! lol Would be nice if it was just tickling. lol Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. They are just so so gorgeous Jenny and getting so big! Missy Moo looks like she’s crawling like a pro, i wish Harry would, he’s 10 months next week and still no sign of it happening! Sounds like your two are doing remarkably well though! xxx

    • Thanks Vikki. She only just started and it only took a day for her to figure it out and off she went. there is still lots of time for Harry plus boys usually are later than girls so he isn’t behind or anything. I kept wanting her to crawl now I remember why I didn’t want her to crawl she is into everything. Her brother never was like that so I never baby proof the house. EEK Good luck.


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