Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 29/52

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 03:48 pm


Buba you have sprouted into a little boy full of adventure and fun. I have never seen you so happy then you have been since we got to America. You have been running none stop with all your cousins, laughing, playing, and swimming with them. I have sat back and watched you blossom and become more confident around everyone. It’s been a bittersweet time watching you get to know your extended family and bond with them all. It’s been a few weeks now with your glasses and I wonder if this has helped your confidence build up too. I hope so and I hope that you can see the world as I see it now, clearly and beautiful.


Missy Moo how much you have also changed here in the states. Every week, you look older with your hair growing longer and your standing getting sturdier. There have been times where you almost have taken your first step right there in front of us all. Your giggles are louder and harder. You still are unsure of people at first but with so many here to see you, you are slowly melting and letting them hold you to their delight. You are having such a great time exploring the outdoors and swimming in the pool with your brother. You may not like to fly but it’s worth it to get you here where you shine.


I am so very proud of you both. We landed in America two weeks ago and you both have been so good with all the family (strangers) in your face to meet you. I have loved watching your faces light up at each new adventure we partake in. Watching you both get to know Mommy’s family has been the best gift of all. Here you both are driving in Papa’s old rusty car, happy as can be outdoors. Buba as always you take the reins and take the driver seat and Missy Moo as always you wave with your hand excitedly and smile. Thank you both for making this trip absolutely amazing so far.

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  1. Isn’t it just the best when they play with cousins? I absolutely love it when I go home and my kids get to play with their cousins! Cousins are generally our first friends, and I remember growing up with my cousins…I wish my kids were closer to their cousins, especially since my sister’s girls are the same age as my two and they have so much fun together!

  2. Your babies are adorable..! It’s so lovely seeing them connecting and creating a bond with their cousins. We moved back to my home country last year, and seeing the unique friendship blossom between my boy and his cousin is beyond magic 🙂 xx

    • That’s awesome you got the chance to move back home. I would do anything to get that chance and have my kids grow up with their cousins like I did.

  3. Its so lovely to see these gorgeous smiles! Glad he is enjoying time with cousins 🙂 And how beautiful is your daughter! Love that dress she is wearing…you must be one proud mummy of these beautiful kids :)x

    • Thank you Ritz, I really am. They are so adorable but I am bias. lol I am enjoying our visit home and watching my kids bond with my usa family.


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