Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 39/52

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Buba you started Little Kickers this week. Your very first group sports activity. I was a little nervous how you would do without me or Daddy doing it with you. At first you wanted me to sit with you but in seconds you were running around in your new soccer gear with the other kids and oblivious to us. It was so great that Daddy could take the afternoon off to see your very first lesson. Your sister was less than thrilled that she couldn’t join in as she loves to kick the ball around. You looked so grown up doing soccer drills and scoring goals. I was trying my hardest to learn the new “football” language. I doubt you want me calling it soccer in front of your friends. Lately you have become very aware that Mommy says things different then everyone around you. You have become conscience of being different in front of your friends. You have asked a few times now for Mommy to stop speaking spanish to you, you correct me if I use an American term instead of an English one. I hope it’s just a phase you are going through. I hop you realize and come to love that you are from two worlds and that it’s nothing to be embarrassed or hide.

a weekly portrait


Missy Moo, our girlie Thursdays have become the highlight of my weeks. One on one with you is so special. I love our swimming lessons followed by lunch at Starbucks and a little shopping together. You are the best lunch date ever. Your smiles and giggles always drawing the attention of the people around us. You really are such a happy baby. This week saw a few firsts ones happy and ones not so happy. You caught your first flu bug from your lovely brother who never stops kissing you. It was the first time you have ever puked and it was so painful to watch you be in pain and not understand what was going on. Even worse I was sick myself and I felt like I failed you because you needed your momma and daddy had to step in instead. But through it all you also said Dadda clear as day twice calling for your Daddy to help you. It was the first time you even tried to say it and I only wish it was under different circumstances. I was so glad Daddy heard it too. Your voice is becoming a little toddler voice and you are trying to say more words everyday now. You are growing up too fast and it makes me want another sister or brother for you both.



You both have been so brave this week with all of us being so sick. Buba you have stepped it up and helped me take care of your sister and yourself while I recuperate. I can’t believe you both are smiling after such a hard night of sick, all I want to do is sleep and you two are at my feet smiling away for more toast for breakfast. Your age gap continues to close in and you both have really started to get adventurous together. You both have been riding your scooters out back together which is so cute. It only makes me so excited for the future and all the things we can do as you both get older. You both are now very independent and it almost makes me sad there isn’t a baby in the house anymore but then excited that I can let you both have more freedoms now too, a catch-22 indeed!

6 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 39/52”

  1. Oh no poor all of you for getting sick – I hope you’re all feeling much better now and the rest of your week sounds lovely, I love the picture of your wee man in his footie Kit, he looks fit to burst from happiness!

    • Thanks hunny. Ya my last one wasn’t working how I wanted it. I love the clear and easier to read one now. And it works. Thanks they are driving me crazy today but always smiling. Balanced somewhere right. Hahaha

  2. Lovely photos as usual. So sweet (but probably annoying for you) that Buba’s recognising the different US/English terms. Bet you get enough of that, without your son questioning it too!

    • Yes Emma you couldn’t be more right. It’s hard for me as I want to keep as much american in him as english. But living in England I am bound to lose that battle. Thanks for your lovely comment.


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