Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 42/52

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:15 am

Kids outdoor adventures


Buba you are getting so big I fear you will be taller than me before you are 5 years old. I wonder how we will get on when you are looking down at me and I am trying to reprimand you. I remember all too well my own 6″2′ teenage brother staring down at my mother and her telling me that she was still the boss. This will be us soon, with the sassing and attitude. It all goes too quickly. Where have the days of rolling around the floor and learning to walk with me by your side? Where have the snuggles in the crook of my neck gone? They are gone but in their place is amazing big boy adventures to be experienced, tried, accomplished and that makes me so very excited for the future.

Kids outdoor adventures


Missy Moo you think you now rule our home. You think you are the boss of everyone especially your brother who seems to conform to your new ideas of ‘queen of the castle’. I think a reality check is coming soon that “I” am in fact the queen of the castle. I hate to tell you little lady. Your pointing and directing was cute at first but as you get older you are finding a loud voice with that pointing. Things are changing too, we had baby gates up to protect you and moved things on lower shelves to free them from your grasp but nothing seems to stop you from breaking everything in the house and pulling that gate right off the wall – bolts and all! You strong willed little girl, it’s one of the many things I love about you, that you never give up when you set your mind to a task. You remind me of myself in that way. So the gates have come down the knickknacks have gone back down on the lower shelves and we are just working on teaching you boundaries. Just more milestones you no doubt will achieve, it might just take longer than I want.

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You two seem to have this comedy show going on when you get together. It’s a competition on who is the funniest, silliest and who can make whom laugh that loudest! Buba you are in the front running as you know just what makes your sister squeal with delight. Missy Moo you are the copycat, you think what makes you laugh makes your brother laugh and he humors you. The laughter of you both together is the sweetest sound in the world. It’s your moments together like this that make me wish you would never grow up. That your voices always stay small and sweet. That you stay innocent and fun always. But I know this is unrealistic so I just pray you keep your silliness as you age. Laughter is the best medicine and we all should keep the little kid inside us as we grow.

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