Milestones of him, her, them ~ #livingarrows #44

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:15 am

baby and toddler milestones


Buba this week you have adopted a teenager’s attitude and view on life. It just doesn’t seem to be going your way as you want. You are nearing 3 1/2 years old now and you think you know it all and you think you know what’s best for yourself. It’s not nice of me but I do have to laugh at you on occasion. It keeps me from getting incredibly frustrated. You are still full of funny one liners which I have been slacking on lately sharing them here for you to read when you are older. I will catch up this week I promise. Along with your threenager ways you are getting more independent which is a bonus. You explore a little farther now, you let go of my hand a little more to run and be free. I watched you run among the leaves this week with great friends and it was a pleasure to think you are getting more confident in yourself. Your milestones are flying by and you are learning new things everyday in prep for starting school next September. I must start preparing myself now that you won’t be around all day, everyday.

baby and toddler milestones


Missy Moo, you are a little diva. You are no match for your momma. You have still not returned to your normal sleeping habits. I am unsure if this is one of your milestones to pass or if there really is something wrong that I am missing. You have never been up at night nor unsettled when I put you to bed. I have guessed and tried everything I can think of. It pains me to hear you so upset each night when you used to be so calm and relaxed about bedtime. I had to bandaged your fingers up as you were sucking them so hard you were blistering them and cutting them open. I feared infection as did the doctor hence why I bandaged them. It was your way to comfort yourself during the night. I fear I should have just let your fingers blister and scab so you could have continued to self soothe. Have I ruined our nights for both of us? The bandages have come off and you are free to suck your fingers again but you refuse. Instead you sob deeply and it breaks my heart. I feel guilty as I was only trying to do what was best for you and now each night when you are unsettled I am filled with guilt. By day you continue to be the happiest, easiest baby but by night you are distraught and it’s all my fault.



Together you both amaze me. I watch in awe of you from a far, playing and laughing and being normal siblings together. You both find the same things funny. You both find the same things scary. You both hate the the same things. While your personalities are so very different you both look so much alike and seem to be hitting all the same milestones at the same age. You walked nearly the same age, you slept through the night at the same age. You both crawled at the same age. You both began your coat fetish at the same age. It’s funny that your personalities are different but your little corky ways are the same. When I saw you, Buba running with the handful of leaves towards your sister’s head this week, I should have know she would squeal with delight as they fell all around her instead of being ready for her to cry. Of course you both would find wet, muddy leaves in your face funny. I love your silly sense of humors.

14 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ #livingarrows #44”

  1. They always sound so cute together and look really happy being a dynamic duo. I have a complete Threenager on my hands who can answer back in nano seconds. I have no idea how he’s learnt it all!

  2. Aww they always look so happy together! I hope Missy Moo works out her sleeping again soon – and don’t let yourself believe it’s your fault – it isn’t at all, it’s just children – they like to keep us on our toes!

    • Oh yes so true. Well if I still let her suck her thumb blistered or not she would be sleeping so that’s the only reason I say that. lol But you are right. They are great together. I feel very lucky. Thanks Carie.


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