Mommies, Save Time on Cooking!

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:17 am

If there is one item that has made being a mommy easier, I have to give credit to my Beaba Babycooker. I wanted to share it with all the mommies out there just in case they didn’t know about this fabulous helping machine. I have used it almost everyday for the past two years. Don’t think its just for baby purees, I use it for my husband and I, all the time. I bought mine here, brand new, as I knew I would use it till it broke. You can also find them on ebay for a decent price. I didn’t even realize they had a duo till I had mine for awhile which would have been worth the extra money.

This tiny machine is easy to store under the cupboard and pull out last minute. Almost everything cooks in 5-10 minutes. What mommy would want that? It steams, cooks, blends, and pulses, all in one container so no changing out blades or bowls.

I use this for Missy Moo’s purees, for Buba’s steamed vegetables, or even to cook a potato if I am cooking for myself. I love using it to make root vegetable mash for the whole family. Just throw all the veggies you want in the pot, cook, and then flip them into the bottom to pulse for a great root mash! It’s perfect if I am making just one meal too, I don’t have to dirty a bunch of dishes just for a potato, a mixed frozen veg for myself. I throw frozen vegetables and a whole potato all in together and press on, come back and few minutes later pull out my potato, mix vegetables and put them on my plate. Being a mommy is time consuming enough and we all know how eating on the run can be, unhealthy snacking instead. This way I can make something quick, healthy, and easy to clean up for myself.

It’s great to make a bunch of different purees for Missy Moo. I cook carrots, apples, pears, mangoes, zucchini, sweet potato, etc. in it for her and throw it in an ice cube tray to freeze. Easy. Now I have a stock pile of homemade baby food in my freezer. ¬†As she grows I can blend to the consistency she needs. When she moves onto lumps, I can give it a few pulses instead of blending. It can make Stage 1-4 food in minutes.

When I bought my Babycook it came with this fabulous recipe book too, which has recipes for all ages. You can make cheese sauces, pasta dishes, vegetables, purees and more. I like to get creative with mine. Either way its always on my counter because it’s inevitable I will be using it for something.

This is only based on my experience with the Beaba Babycook. I was not asked to do a review for this company or try to advertise it. Just wanted to share with all the mommies out there.

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