My Family of Five in March

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:11 pm

My Family of Five in March family portrait projectIt’s happened people after six years of doing the Me & Mine Family Photo project every month without fail- WE FAILED! I don’t know how March 31 missed me or the last few days for that matter. We haven’t really had a chance to stop and all be together. It’s always one of us missing on the weekends and well, there you have it. We are late for our family capture. But I am a firm believer in better late than never for most things. I love capturing my family each month, we get to recall what we did and how we have grown as a family lately. The kids get bigger every month and the baby changes daily on us.

I am sure you can tell we have had a busy March. The days seem to be blurring together. We have so much celebrating and things to plan at the moment including baby boy’s first birthday, both of the older kids birthdays in a month, baby’s christening, my brother’s wedding to prepare for as we are all in it, and our trip to Italy, America and a cruise the following two months after that. It seems thats all I have been doing is planning, organizing, shopping for summer clothes, wedding clothes, christening stuff. It’s never ending at the moment.

My family of five…

Daddy is loving…

The sunny weather for his golf competitions.

Time off for America.

Looking forward to my brother’s bachelor party too!

Mommy is loving…

No more school runs for three weeks for us.

Baby becoming a little more independent.

Planning her up coming travels the next few months to see family and friends.

Buba is loving…

Playing cars with Baby Oh-bow.

Getting Rock Legend on Times Table Rockstars for school.

No more school for three weeks.

MissyMoo is loving…

No more school for three weeks. (can you see a pattern).

Den building outside in the sunshine garden.

Preparing for our America trip, she is the ultimate packer.

Baby Oh-bow is loving…

Sitting up and scooting his bottom across the floor instead of crawling.

Standing up, holding onto something or someone, attempting to walk.

Looking forward to his first birthday and a good cake smashing party!!!

Can’t beat a little family matching/coordinating outfits. Not always easy to get us girls and the boys outfits to work together so I love these snaps at our friends Christening recently. It seems we need to get it together and grab a family one for April too. I daresay we will be using a few wedding photos with us all dressed up next month. Hooray!!!!

Not going to lie, March was a little hard for me. I have been feeling so tired all the time lately. I seem to be burning the day and the night oil as much as possible because I am trying to stay on top of big work commitment while still taking baby and the older kids to classes, sports, and activities. Its also because I am staying up far too late finishing work and watching tv with Mr P otherwise I would never see him so bedtime gets pushed later and later every night.

I can definitely feel the need to take a few weeks off work while we are in America. It will be the longest and first time in six years I take a full two weeks off work. I am slightly excited to have just that family time but also slightly nervous because I know how hard it is for me to just shut off. It’s like blogging and social media become part of you, like breathing and feels weird to unplug at first. I know a few days in, it will be refreshing. So don’t go anywhere, we are just taking so family of five time!

That’s it folks, a jam packed next few months for the five of us. And that is nothing new for us, it seems April to September is always our busiest time of year with the exception of Christmas which is busy for everyone I can imagine. I can’t believe next month, my baby boy will be one years old. I can’t believe soon after the two older ones will be 6 and 8 years old too. My kids are all getting too grown up, where have my babies gone. I am starting to feel my age these days chasing after the three of them.

My Family of Five in March family portrait project

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