New Jellycat Collection Review

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Hi, we are Whimsey Cow & Whimsey Pony, part of the new Jellycat collection. We were so excited to become a part of the Let’s Talk Mommy family recently. It was nerve racking knowing if Buba or Missy Moo would love us and who each would choose but it turns out they love us both so very much that they take turns, keeping us both together. We have been on a grand adventure too, taken across the ocean to America to visit LTM’s family. Buba has shown us the great outdoors and always makes sure we are taken good care of in the shade and out of the reach of the pool. Missy Moo keeps us company in the shade too! It’s absolutely beautiful here, a perfect scenery for a whimsey  cow & a whimsey pony.

                                                                                                                                           Kindest WC & WP


I waited until everyone was done with their breakfast and pulled out the new family additions, whimsey cow and whimsey pony to introduce to Missy Moo and Buba. Since Missy Moo is youngest, Buba agreed to let her play first as neither wanted to just choose one and have their own. They decided to share and take turns playing with both together. I thought it was so sweet when Buba said, “you can’t separate them”. Missy Moo tried her best to cuddle them both and walk around with them both in her arms. She kept pointing to them and then to me as if to ask are these really hers. She loves cuddly toys and eventually made a close bond with whimsey pony as she loves the feeling of the soft pony’s mane.


Then it was Buba’s turn to play with whimsey cow and whimsey pony! He was just as impressed as his sister. He asked me to turn music on so he could put on a dance show on the back of Papa’s chair. He cuddled them while watching his favourite movie and even had them talking to each other about all the adventures the four of them, including Missy Moo would go on together. “Me, and sister will take you to our pool but you can’t get wet, and you must sit in shade.” I overheard him whispering to them. I asked him what he thought of his and Missy Moo’s new Jellycat plush toys and he said, “I love them, they are really CUTE Mommy!”

I couldn’t agree more. They are the softest and cutest plush toys. I have always been a big fan of Jellycat and these make me want to snuggle them too and I am a grown up (or pretend to be). I was very impressed with the quality and detail on them as well. I would have loved these as a kid.

WhimseyCowPonyWe are back…

Here we are, outside, on our adventures with Buba, he politely hung us in the shade near the well just in case we needed a drink of water, he said. We have loving new owners and are enjoying hanging out watching them play in the pool, waiting until they get tried of the sun and need a cuddle.  How lucky are we to be a part of this new family!

*We were sent these products for the purpose of this review but the photos and opinions are our own. 

12 thoughts on “New Jellycat Collection Review”

    • I thought that but they seem like they would wash really well too! I love them. I am looking at getting some for my nieces and nephews. I wouldn’t highly recommend something I didn’t honestly love and I love these!!! It’s in the photos. hahaha

  1. Thank you for this post! I’ve been searching for a cow stuffed animal for my little one (she loves them!), but haven’t had any luck. The most I found out there were too fuzzy for her (she likes to put EVERYTHING in her mouth). But these are perfect! Soft enough without a lot of the fuzz.

    Thank you again!

    • I truly HIGHLY recommend them. Not just saying that for the review. The quality is amazing and I will be buying them for my nieces and nephews too! So awesome.

  2. Cuuuute! I love Jellycat toys, noone else seems to make them quite as cuddly and soft. I kinda wish my little boy was more into soft toys though – I think l like them more than he does! I love the cow especially. Lovely review x


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