Oxo Tot Plate Review & Giveaway

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 06:14 pm

perfectforweaningSince the moment I started weaning my first born, I have loved the Oxo Tot baby and toddler product range. Now, with my second baby weaning and my first born still in the later stages of it, we are still very much in love with the range. They always seem to bring out fantastic new products that help aid your baby or toddler in their journey of learning to eat. We had the pleasure of trying out their new snack pot, water bottle, and bowls recently so we were very excited to team up with them again to try out their fantastic Oxo Tot Dividing Plate and Oxo Tot Training Plate.


The Oxo Tot Dividing Plate is great for portion control. It helps parents know how much of each food group to give their little one with sections for protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables, with a little sauce or fruit section in the middle. It is dishwasher safe which is great for parents for an easy clean up.  The green ring can be removed when your toddler has mastered the art of scooping! It’s definitely a forever plate for this family.

bubaplateBuba loves this plate, as he is very particular and likes to keep all his food separate so it’s perfect for him. He also struggles keeping pasta on his plate so the curved sides are a bonus, helping him scoop it onto his spoon or fork. He was so excited when I handed him his new plate. Just look at that face above, excitement written all over it. I love that he gets excited to try new things. He said, “I love the green Mommy.” Looks like Oxo Tot has his vote too! He even liked the training plate for his favourite shepherd’s pie!


The Oxo Tot Training Plate is a great first plate while weaning your little one. It has the curved edges to aid your little one’s food onto their utensils or even in their hands without going on the floor. It has a non-slip grip base to help keep it steady. The outer ring is removable once your little one can self-feed without needing help. It too can be a forever plate. It’s also top shelf dishwasher safe. training plate

Missy Moo is a huge fan of her first Oxo Tot training plate. She ditched the utensils as she loves eating her pasta with her hands. It used to end up on the floor as she chased it around her tray, but now with help of her Oxo Tot Plate she can grip her twirly pasta easily and with it’s non slip grip, it stays in place. She wasn’t the only one impressed with this plate, Mommy was impressed with the easy clean up, rise and throw in the dishwasher. No more sweeping, and scrubbing the highchair tray.

I love that I can use all the Oxo Tot baby and toddler products for both of my kids, getting lots of use out of them. They are high quality products that last and over the years, I have been thoroughly impressed with them.
* I was sent these products for the purpose of this review, all photos and opinions are my own.

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  1. I have never used OXO before but my sisters would love them, I have a fussy eating 13 month old niece and an 8 month old nephew who eats anything. I have heard great things from other bloggers about the whole range so I will have to have a look for myself

  2. OXOTot products are brilliant, always great quality and hard wearing, perfect for little hands and the abuse they can throw at things


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