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Do you love being as snappy happy with your camera or sharing your captures on social media as much as I do? I have long been capturing the big and small moments of my life since I was a kid. Having had my bedroom wall as a teenager completely made up of a photo collage without one inch of it to spare, I think I can safely say my photography love has always been there. As I got older my love for social media grew and grew and Instagram is probably my all time favorite of them all! I could pour over numerous profiles a day and get lost in other people’s captures as much as my own on my feed! I have also had a huge love for making digital scrapbooks and printing my favorite photos to spread around the house and put in frames and books.

When I found out FujiFilm has created a Pop Book App for the iPad and iPhone that can make making those photos into books as simple as 1, 2, 3; I was ecstatic to try it out. I love a good app as much as the next person and one that creates my favorite photos into both printed books and a shareable link online is right up my street and probably yours too if you are reading this!


FujiFilm POP BOOK Photobook App Review and Giveaway

This app was quick and free to install on my iPhone. The welcome screen let’s you know exactly what to do and for how much. You follow the easy on screen instructions and it takes you through each step. What I loved about this app was that you could pull photos from just about anywhere online and on your camera roll and photo stream as well as edit and change the look of your book. I have used some in the past that there is a set standard and you can’t change it. As you can see below I could edit the size and crop of my photo, change the frame color, rearrange the order I wanted them in, etc. It was that simple. FujiFilm POP BOOK Photobook App Review and Giveaway

The best part about creating your photobooks with this app is that you can immediately share your masterpiece across your social networks, and email them to family and friends too! I sent mine to a few family members overseas so they could see how much the kids have grown and changed. I shared my food styling book across my social media for other food lovers to enjoy! FujiFilm POP BOOK Photobook App Review and Giveaway


It didn’t take long for my Pop Book order to be received either, only a few days later. I had ordered one photobook of my favorite photos of the kids in matte finish and one photobook of my favorite food styling photos in glossy finish.

FujiFilm POP BOOK Photobook App Review and GiveawayI was impressed with both of these photobooks when they arrived and the kids haven’t put them down. They are quality binded and sturdy pages and that’s extremely important so they last and withstand people forever touching them. FujiFilm POP BOOK Photobook App Review and Giveaway

I did love both books equally and for different reasons obviously my love for my children far out weighs my love for food styling but I also loved the matte finish more than the glossy. I am glad I choose the glossy for my “food” photobook as it makes it feel like a mini magazine. The matte finish just made my “family” photobook look better quality and I have always prefer a matte finish to things.

All these photos were taken on my iPhone and the printed quality is great. I love making my photos all different shapes and sizes but if you prefer all squares you can do that too! A lot of people like their instagram all squares and the screen completely used up but I prefer to keep it mixed up a bit leaving white space to draw you in. FujiFilm POP BOOK Photobook App Review and Giveaway

The color of the photos is spot on. I did wish I could have added more text where I wanted it and how I wanted it and not just the few options they have thus far. But like any app there will be updates and addons as you go along.

I opted for a white framed background but you can have black if you prefer. I think the black gives it a dramatic feel and if you like taking street photos or artsy photos than black would be great. I kept my light and airy for the kids captures with a white background.FujiFilm POP BOOK Photobook App Review and GiveawayFujiFilm POP BOOK Photobook App Review and Giveaway

I love that these photobooks stand up by themselves and that I can print out each month’s favorites and dot these mini books all around my house for family and friends to peak through and see what we have been up to. They make great gifts and a good keepsake to have when the kids are older to look back on. FujiFilm POP BOOK Photobook App Review and Giveaway

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    • Ya they would make a brilliant Mother’s Day gift. I love the ones I made but going to make one of all the grandchildren for the grandparents too!

  1. I’ve been talking about making a photo book in time for Gwenn’s second birthday but I’ve just never got round to it. These books look really great quality and finish. I’ve used Polagram before but hadn’t heard of POP until now. Must check them out!


    PS So many people had commented on your #sharewithme post I thought you might be a bit overwhelmed so I popped over to this post instead!!!

  2. These are gorgeous and really well priced too. Unfortunately I have an Android phone so I won’t be able to download the app, but hopefully they will make it in Android soon!

  3. Absolutely amazing!!! Will be buying more for my daughters to have as keep sakes of themselves and gifts for others and obviously more for me!!! I love this product x and finally something that’s affordable x


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