{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #12

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:55 pm

My two and half year old has become a monster overnight. I love him to pieces but he is really testing Mommy’s patience this week. One minute he can be his lovely, normal, sweet self and the next he is crying over nothing. Reminds me of a book I read, “Reasons My Kid Is Crying”. Only in my case there are no reasons just thin air. This morning he walked in, said, “Good morning, Missy Moo, Good morning Mommy” happy as can be. Then without warning he was wailing in dramatic tears on the floor. Surely it was just a good morning, wasn’t it?

So I was relieved that it was Phrase Day Friday where I could sit here and reflect back on the funny things he has been saying instead of all the frustrating things he has been doing. Let’s hope he gets back to his comic self or Phrase Day Friday might be blank next week. Eeek. PhraseDayFriday

Buba has long been skittish and afraid of everything so this week I forewarned him that the window cleaner would be coming up to the window where he was currently playing. To my astonishment and the window cleaners, he didn’t run off like he normally does and hide. Instead he started shouting. “get off my house!” shaking his finger at him. “that’s my house.” he continued. I attempted to explain he was helping Mommy. After watching for a few more minutes, he decided, “we like window queaner?” I said, “yes we do hunny.” Then he continued to watch until the window cleaner was done and started walking around back. “Come back window queaner, clean my house!” I then had to explain that the window cleaner was done with the front window and was going around back. For the next fifteen minutes he ran from each room, pointing at the window cleaner through the windows and shouting, “clean here, and here, and here, and here” pointing to various places on the window that he could reach. Talk about embarrassing. I am glad our window cleaner has a sense of humor. I could look at the bright side, he is no longer afraid of the window cleaner.


Buba’s love for his sister is forever increasing which has been amazing to watch them grow and learn together. Missy Moo equally idiolizes her brother too. I am so lucky that they are inseparable but there comes moments like these that it would be nice if they backed off each other a bit.

While feeding Missy Moo the other day:

Buba: “Give her to me, Mommy.” trying to tug Missy Moo out of my arms.

Me: “Let Mommy feed her first, please.”

Buba: “I want her now, Mommy.”

Me: “Please just wait.”

Buba: “No…I want her, she is mine.”

Meanwhile Missy Moo is attempting to sit up and roll over in my arms, all to see what her brother is doing, as I battle to feed her. Could they just leave each other alone for one minute? lol

Buba: “Mommy, put her down.” he continued.

Me: “How about you play with your cars while you wait.” I begged.

Buba: “here you go, Missy Moo.” proceeded to bring his sister all twenty of his miniature cars and pile them on her belly while I attempt to finish feeding her.

Next time I will have to be more specific and ask him to play with his cars elsewhere while he waits.

* Every feed is like this; a battle to separate them for just a moment.


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22 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #12”

  1. Oh my goodness! You definitely had your hands full with that feeding! I have frustrations with Rynne that are in the impatience category. I will be busy trying to get some homework done, meanwhile Rynne needs me to put another episode of Peppa Pig on the TV for her (and it can only be me that does it…nobody else will suffice). I tell her “ok baby-cakes mommy will be there in one minute” and literally one second later she says “mommy can you come put Peppa Pig on the TV now?” I find it almost impossible to get my homework done…I really have no idea how I am doing so well in school lol!

    • Oh dear, hahaha yes we must be careful. Kids are very literal. Too funny! 😉 thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. I love the window cleaner comments, so cute! But bess you with the feeding, I can completely feel how frustrating that must have been. Vute he wants to be with her so much but so frustrating when you just want to feed her! xx #wotsofunee

    • Thanks Caroline. It used to be even harder when I breastfed and she would be trying to feed and looking all around at her brother running back and forth. Eeek! She is ever so nosy and curious. I still am laughing about the window cleaner!

    • Yes, they do. I only saw Buba today getting jealous of another toddler playing with HIS baby sister. He told the kids to get away from his sister that it was his sister to play with. hahahaha Hilarious.

    • Slightly embarrassing pointing out all the spots he missed while cleaning though, in every room of the house. hahahaha Thanks for stopping by and commenting. He is always doing funny things and saying off the wall sayings. I could write a whole book of his word mishaps too! lol Cheap entertainment. 😉

  3. Awww bless him! Mind you, if they end up anything like mine, one day you will be fondly remembering the inseparable days while refereeing the fights!

    • haha I know I am very prepared for that to start happening soon as I had my own siblings, and we fought constantly. lol May this phase long continue. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon. 🙂

  4. He is so sweet how lovely that he loves his sister so much. The crying bit doesn’t last that much longer hun – PROMISE!!! #funee


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