Pregnancy: 28 Weeks Bump Watch

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Pregnancy 28 Weeks Bump Watch pregnant diaries

What a tough week.

Two hospital visits; unexpectedly, three doctors visits, four blood tests, heart tests, head tests, new medications, a dose of antibiotics, and more rest is needed. This has been my 28 weeks pregnancy experience. My vertigo has taken over and triggered some nasty symptoms. I am just working through it and trying my best to get through each day and the kids to school and activities. I say, roll on the weekend!!!

On a happier note, the blue skies are out this week despite the snow which is just as beautiful to be honest. I am on a mission to rest a little more and take it slightly easier. While we had the very best holiday imaginable in Disney World last week I do think it’s send me a few steps backwards in my ailments so far pregnant. Possibly should have gone at Christmas instead. But hey we made amazing memories and I just need to suck it up a bit longer and hopefully it will pass.

I can work from a laptop from my bed fortunately so there is always a silver lining. Now, I just need a nanny and a housekeeper to clean and cook for us all and I could get the rest I needed. If only…. hahaha One can dream though right?

Pregnancy 28 Weeks Bump Watch pregnant diaries




This week the number one question everyone is asking me: HOW ARE YOU FEELING? 

When it comes down to the final weeks, people really get concerned with how you are feeling? Still going? Still kicking? Are you ok? Then the last two weeks it switches gears to still here? No baby yet? I have done this twice before, the answers to all these come out like autopilot recordings. Makes me laugh when I get asked them.

But how am I feeling?

Well, crap really. The positive Jenny is stepping aside today. Sorry, folk. Pregnancy isn’t all roses and fairytales. For me, it was the first two times around. I got to boast about how easy it was, how lovely my bump felt, and how much I wanted to be pregnant forever. Karma has truly hit me this week. Or rather this pregnancy. I have been talking in March’s edition of Gurgle Magazine about being sick all day, every day for the first 20 weeks. That was fun! Then my added vertigo has seen me in the hospital a handful of times including yesterday just in the last month or so. While it looks all great it’s been the tough week pregnant this week I have ever had. Taking care of two kids, doing all the household, running a full time business, errands for school’s world book day, easter bonnets, mother’s day events and more. I think my kids need a full time PA as much as I do. It’s been hard I am not going to lie. But the sun came out and well, I am just getting on with it. Positive Jenny back now. Sometimes you just got to ignore all the crap you get thrown at you. Do your best and know tomorrow is a new day.


Baby boy is still kicking like mad. There are not a lot of quiet times in this tummy of mine of late. He seems to hate it when I am at the gym or rather joining in and starts bouncing on my bladder like a trampoline. Let’s not talk about the peeing ourselves scenario but yes it happens. Not glamorous is it?

My bump is truly at the uncomfortable stage. He seems to be very, very low which is hard to walk. I definitely have perfected the waddle. I never had the waddle with my first two either. hahaha The kids call me mama penguin. Thanks kids.

I am sleeping better which is a huge bonus despite all that I said above about the vertigo causing so much trouble. I need to start listening to my body and going to bed earlier than I have been and slowing down at work just slightly. With my line of work, unfortunately there is no maternity leave. No one to step in and run things when you have the baby. I will try my best to keep up with what is coming next …


Yes, I am still talking about those pesky pretzels from Disney World. Sadly, my bakery has decided to burn the last three days of batches of pretzels they sell. I went in to curve my cravings with their alternative and it was hard as a rock this weekend. GRRR.

I am now feeling like I can’t eat as much because there isn’t room but needing to snack a bit more throughout the day. It’s healthier this way. I had a big binge this weekend since I was having such a crap week with pizza and chocolate. But it’s crunch time for me as soon as I hit 10 more weeks to go. I hit the salads, water, and chicken as much as I can just to make sure I don’t pack on unnecessary amounts of weight last minute. I want to make it easier for myself when I have baby to lose it not harder. I have been told numerous times by the doctor having a baby “AT MY AGE” it’s high risk, it’s harder to get back and you have a lot less energy. I am 34 years old not 44 years old. Any many women now have babies in their forties. Thanks Doctor for the pep talk. hahahaha


Would you believe me if I told you I have sorted everything out for baby in a week?

Well, if you knew the crazy Jenny, you would say that sounds about right. I came home from Disney World with a mission. Prepare for baby’s arrival. Somehow within a few days, I have all the nursery stuff coming, crib next to my bed, hospital bag ready, all the newborn clothing essentials, bathing essentials, sleeping and feeding accessories stocked. Good old Amazon Prime is my best friend. I feel like a weight and relief is taken off my shoulders having those boxes checked.

Now, I just need to find a place for everything I just ordered. EEEK!

Thanks for following along my first pregnancy journey on my blog and my last pregnancy for me. I have loved documenting and sharing it with all of you.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 28 Weeks Bump Watch”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a rubbish time of things at the moment Jenny, and I hope it eases for you soon so you can enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy! x

  2. You poor thing, you really are having a terrible time of it. I can’t imagine vertigo on top of the debilitating sickness I suffered with my little dude, how on earth do you do it? And talking of doing things, step away from the Easter bonnets and just buy one, yes it won’t be homemade, but you really do need to take things easier especially as you have so many other balls in the air. Doctors do make me laugh, how on earth is 34 old to be having a baby. I swear if I ever had another one and they had the audacity to call me a ‘geriatric mother’ my hormonal self would not be held responsible for my actions!

    Hope week 29 is kinder to you. And remember to rest up! x


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