Siblings {December}

Siblings December a monthly portrait project at the park

It’s been a funny old feeling to the first two weeks of December. It’s felt festive and magical for Christmas for sure but it’s also felt like November was never really here. It blurred by us somehow way too fast or we slept through a small span of time. Now, it’s two weeks until Christmas. 

The kids have had the normal winter colds that you get every year around this time from school/nursery. We are hoping that was it and got it out of the way before our trip to Ireland for the big day. With illnesses come grumpiness and we also have been potty training so I can’t say it’s been the best time lately in terms of the kids. I think because MM is getting a lot more attention and rewards for potty training B is acting out a little bit in jealousy. I have tried to explain to him we are only trying to encourage his little sister to use the potty like he does and not just spoiling her and not him with stickers and chocolate. Yes, I use bribery for potty training, judge all you want. lol He is getting a little impatient with having mommy always in the bathroom waiting with MM and not out playing with him in the evenings like I normally do. 

This month has been the first I have seen B starting to acting like he is too cool when I am taking photos of him and his sister together. He doesn’t mind if the center of attention is on him with the camera but sharing the spotlight seems to be a new dislike for him. You can see below just how teenager-like he is trying to be. I think school has changed him in this perspective. I am seeing more attitudes, back talking and a little teasing to start now from him. It’s been frustrating trying to get him to understand his emotions and how “not” to talk to mommy when he is upset or angry. MM still follows him around idolizing his every move. She even tries to hug him and tell him to be nice when he is being grumpy to me which makes me laugh, internally of course. Either way, it’s a new phase I am seeing in their relationship. They are still thick as thieves and reunions at the school gates are like long lost best friends but there is a slight attitude coming from one side every now and again. We shall see where this takes their relationship as we go along.

Siblings December a monthly portrait project at the park


Jumping in muddy puddles.

Playing with playdoh with Granny.

Gathering winter flowers at the park.

Riding their bikes, in puddles.

Bubble baths.

A book a day, Christmas Advent calendar at bedtime.

Counting down the days until Santa arrives!

Feeding and trying to pet the Swans at the park (eek).

Siblings December a monthly portrait project at the park

Siblings December a monthly portrait project at the parkdear beautiful

Siblings December a monthly portrait project at the park

Even when B is being grumpy, or sassy he still wants his sister by his side. He is the first to protect her at the soft play area when a big kid knocks her over, or come to her aid when she is crying with her favorite duck, Darcy. He knows what makes her happy, and what makes her sad and how to comfort her.

These two when you tell them, “we are off to the park” light up like a Christmas tree. They both have a passion for the great outdoors and running free, together. Our weekend park visits will long go down as a little family tradition, if the weather is right, we are there. I love watching the dynamics constantly change as they grow up but their love keeps growing stronger for each other. 


Siblings December a monthly portrait project at the park year in review

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18 thoughts on “Siblings {December}”

    • Oh you are too kind but I have been really angry that my photos have seemed blurry and darker than normal maybe the weather but I feel I have gone backwards in my skills and not forward and your photography is always amazing and perfect darling I need to take notes from you for sure. But nevertheless thank you ever so much.

    • She really has. I think she is at that age now will she wont change as fast and as much as she did this year and last. It’s lovely to see them all together a whole year in review. Thank you.

  1. I love seeing their collage of photos together and seeing how much they have changed. They always look so happy together and the best of friends, it is really lovely to see. Plus I adore Missy Moo’s hat, she looks gorgeous. And she has the best smile! x

    • Oh thank you so much Katie. I feel the same seeing them all together a whole year in review. Makes me teary how much they have changed and grown and blessed they have done it together.

  2. I love the collage, should have done mine like that- takes an age to scroll haha! Gorgeous photos, seems odd seeing them all wrapped up for winter- bring back the warm months! xx #Siblings

    • I know I thought that when I put the collage together and did he summer photos and then the winter ones. It was great to see the year in review though. Thanks lovely.

    • Thank you Zoe that’s so sweet of you to say. She really has changed so much this year. I think it will slow down now that she is 2 1/2 but to look back at the whole year together has been a little happy emotional moment today.

  3. Oh wow what a change over the last year – they’ve both grown up so much but it’s lovely to hear that despite school and everything that goes with it, they’re still the very best of friends 🙂

  4. Aww they are absolutely GORGEOUS! Such a perfect mix of you and your boy — I can see both of you in those two little faces! 🙂 Amazing to see the full year of pics isn’t it? Really make this project so very worthwhile! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours, from me and mine! X #Siblings


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