Stella & Dot: Sardinia Necklace Review

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:27 pm

I have long loved dramatic jewellery. I like bold colours and the bigger the piece, the better. So when my friend invited me to a Stella & Dot jewellery party, I was ecstatic. It’s spring time, the perfect time to take off those parkas and pull out the jewellery.

You may have heard of Stella & Dot, it’s been featured in Gossip Girl, InStyle, and Glamour Magazine.  Some of the top celebrities have been spotted adorning gorgeous pieces of Stella & Dot, to give you an example of how high this brand goes.

If you haven’t heard of it, like I hadn’t, get ready to fall in love! I know I did, completely head over heels!

I will give you a sneak peak at my new Sardinia necklace from the spring/summer collection. Just to give you a taste of what Stella & Dot offer.

From the moment I opened the gorgeous decorated box, surpassed the lovely Thank you! note, and saw that little green box at the bottom, I felt pampered and I hadn’t even laid eyes on the necklace yet.

IMG_0672box IMG_0678

Then I opened that gorgeous green box, pulled away the protective foam, never mind the great packaging, I wanted to see it! And then…there it was… this stunning red Sardinia necklace staring back at me. This piece has a boho feel to it, mixing the culture of the gypsies and the rich and famous, champagne lifestyle… “think Sophia Lauren meets Kate moss”. 

StellainboxThe Sardinia necklace is the most vibrant red I have ever seen. The chandelier pendant bottom creates the bohemian look yet it still feels very feminine.

IMG_0831The best part about this glamorous necklace is that it has a secret!

The chandelier pendant is removable to create a less dramatic look. Turning it into a lovely subtle jewelled necklace. Two necklaces for the price of one, now that’s my kind of necklace!

Now you see it, now you don’t!IMG_0837Stella & Dot have numerous pieces that are versatile like the Sardinia, such as the Sutton that can be worn five different ways. Do you want more from your jewellery,  I know I do. I definitely would recommend Stella & Dot for this.

I used to see bold bright necklaces like this in the past and be tempted to buy it but would worry what I ever would wear it with?

The red Sardinia necklace can brighten any top. Check out the handful of tops, I quickly grabbed from my own closet, that it pairs fantastically with. I have the option to wear it with the pendant for a bold look or without the pendant for a hint of color and bling. From lace, solids, stripes, chiffon, t-shirt, patterns to stripes, it really does go with everything! I bet you have a handful of tops in your own closet that the Sardinia could brighten.

SardiniaandmyclosetThe second thing I love most about the Sardinia and Stella & Dot, in general, is the personal service. Because this boutique-style jewellery and accessories are only available through in-home shows by Independent Stylist, and online, you get that one on one help to find what suits you the best. Like I received, from Sarah Flaherty, my independent stylist. Without her knowledge and trendy sense of style, I wouldn’t have realised how many ways I could wear the Sardinia necklace and what to wear it with, which is why I am sharing with all of you. SardiniaCollageLike what you see, there is plenty more to “WOW” you! Why not book a party with Sarah Flaherty, your Lancashire Independent Stylist today, there are many perks to hosting a party too.

Don’t live in the area, shop online.  Or speak to Sarah about becoming an Independent Stylist yourself. It truly is the ultimate home-based business for the modern woman.

18 thoughts on “Stella & Dot: Sardinia Necklace Review”

  1. That is a fantastic necklace… and clever! I’ve never seen a necklace that converts before. Great idea to show that it can be paired with so many things you already had in your closet!

    • I haven’t had it off since I got it. So versatile. It really is. If you live near lancashire you should book a party with Sarah she is amazing. And you get great kicks for being a hostess! If not, click on the link in the post to buy online from her. They have amazing spring summer collection out now!

    • Thanks Colette, I was the same don’t worry. haha Better coming to the game late then never! It is one of my favorite jewellery pieces and so versatile. Two necklaces in one. Worth the money.


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