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Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:28 am

kitchen wallWhen we first moved into our home, it was a blank canvas. I was lucky enough to be able to chose everything from the carpet, to the hardwood floors, to the kitchen counter tops. At 9 months pregnant it wasn’t the time to really make our house, a home, just get it ready enough for baby number one.

Now, as I slowly finish decorating each room with furniture and big accessories like this clock, I am being drawn to the little touches that make it feel less like a shell and more like a home. Little touches like family pictures and cute prints in frames.

infikicollagelanzaI was excited to find this company called Inkifi, who turn your Instagram photos  into gorgeous framed collages. You get to choose how many squares and which photos you want where. I decided to do one of our recently family holiday to Lanzarote and the other of my favorite picutres of the kids. I added one to each side of my oversized clock. This is the walkway between our sitting room and dining room through the open planned kitchen.inkificollagekidsThen I added a landscape double of both of my kids to the left side of the door leading into the kitchen. I bought this frame cheap off amazon and the pictures were had done at Pixifoto. bothkidsThe three white frames have really brought light to the kitchen wall. I love family photos everywhere, going from room to room staring back at me. It reminds me of the beautiful family I have and everything I am most grateful for. hisherkitesThese two gorgeous prints are from Violet & Percy. I came across this lovely company on Instagram and instantly fell in love. They both individually match Buba’s and Missy Moo’s bedrooms perfectly. I again bought matching white frames from amazon.

hiskiteBuba’s print is above his bookshelves that I made out of Ikea spice racks and painted.  I love the french style to the picture. If you missed Buba’s Room Tour, check it out. herkiteAt the moment Missy Moo’s print lays on top of her dresser. I like it here, but haven’t quite decided if I want to hang it on her wall. The colors in this print match her pink wall on the opposite side of this, beautifully. If you haven’t seen Missy Moo’s Room Tour, check it out.

Personalized pictures and prints can really show character in a home, bringing those otherwise blank walls to life. They tell a story, leaving guests and residence feeling comfortable and surrounded by love. I have always been a huge fan of pictures all over my home, making my walls speak for themselves.

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11 thoughts on “Adding pictures & prints for a personal touch”

  1. Wow Jenny they are gorgeous! And I love the illustrated lets go fly a kite ones.. Gorgeous.. {I love the colour of your walls too – one with the clock and framed photos}

  2. Beautiful touches. Isn’t it funny how all of a sudden what you thought was a home becomes even more of one as you add personal touches. We have lived in our home for nearly 7 years and although it has always been our home I suddenly feel it is truely our home as I redo each room just the way I want it and as our babes personality shines. Having written to you in a previous post and you telling me to go for it withh colour I have taken that step and am LOVING the results. Thank you x Look forward to see the rest of your beautiful home x

    • That’s FANTASTIC, I am glad you went for it and love the results. Thanks for the lovely comments. Glad you like it. I love going around doing the little bits now and taking my time. l look forward to seeing your new improvements too!

  3. I love the pictures but absolutely adore the spice rack idea for the books. I feel a trip to Ikea coming on!

    • Haha Thanks. It’s the cheapest bookshelf idea too. Go far it! They come light wood color but you can paint them any color you want, they come ready to paint.


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