Tis the Season to Give to Charity

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:18 am

We thought this year, as the holidays are fast approaching and both of our kids are still very young we would concentrate on giving to charities. I think it is so important to give back to the community and help those that need it. What if that was you and you needed help? We also wanted to start teaching our son about giving or as I explained it to him, sharing with others.

Buba was more enthusiastic than I thought he would be about giving some of his old toys away. I gave him a big black bag and let him loose. He kept running back to his toy box and throwing more toys into the bag I gave him.  It was both touching and cute.

After packing up the toys, and clothes not only from the kids’ closets but from P.’s and my own closets, we had a collection of things that could really help other families. I am part of a group of eight mommies whom I met through having my son. Together we decided instead of giving presents to each other this year, we would all donate to a chosen charity. One of the moms, and a good friend of ours got in touch with the women and children’s refuge in Wigan to donate to. We bagged and tagged all the used items as well as bought a few new items that the families could then wrap themselves for their own children. So they too could really be a part of the Christmas festivities.

It only takes a few minutes to rummage through the closets for things we all know we will never use or wear again and donate them. Those few minutes from our own lives are nothing but are huge to the lives of others. If you have recently had a clear out and can’t find clothes, books, or toys to give, there is plenty you still can do to make a big impact this Christmas season.

Donate food instead. This year we donated to our local Food Bank at the Salvation Army in Preston. Think outside the box of just canned goods. People need toilet paper,  household cleaning supplies, trash bags or other items like diapers, wipes, tea, coffee, or bags of pasta and rice.  Why not do a mini shop along side your own grocery shopping and drop it off to help families have a good meal this holiday.

If you are interested in more charities this Christmas season or any time of the year check out Global Giving for a list of charities around the world.

Whether it’s donating clothes or food or even money, I think if we all put in a little effort a lot can be achieved. So take the time to teach your kids, family, and loved ones what it is to get out there and “share” with your community. From the words of my two year old, Buba, “I sharing, Mommy! I sharing”. Are you?

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  1. This Doesn’t Surprise Me My Sweetie… And Thru The Years Of Grandpa & I Doing This Same Thing It Was Always Us That Went Away With The Biggest Of The Being Blessed….Love You.GG. Hugs & Kiss Our Babies For Me & Paul Too. GG,Grams Daisy.


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