We’re celebrate Grandparents Day this Sunday

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It’s Grandparents Day this Sunday and why not celebrate the higher generation of the family? After all, they are the ones that brought us here and spoil our children rotten just for the sake of it.

I am extremely lucky that my kids are not only close with my parents but with Mr P’s parents as well. I think it’s important for families to have extended family around to share the experiences of kids growing up. I have so many amazing memories of my own Grandmas and I want my kids to have the same too. My grandpas all passed away either when I was a baby or a young child so I was sad to not be able to get to know them but my grandmas keep their legacies alive through their stories. I am even more lucky that both my own grandmas are close with my kids, their great-grandparents. 
Grandparents Day 2014

Even though I’m an expat and my parents live on the West coast of America technology has brought my kids that much closer to my own parents. They love to Facetime or Skype and actually see who they are talking to especially since they are so young. A phone call doesn’t really bond them together but to run up to the computer screen and show Grandma or Papa their latest toys well that just glues them together. I only wish they lived closer so I could spoil them for Grandparents day.
Grandparents 2014I am lucky to have my mother-in-law close to us so she visits each week and goes with us on our adventurous days out with the kids. They have now even named our spare room Granny’s room. I think that’s special that she can be such a big part of their lives and I know they love having her around making memories along with us.

We also have Mr P’s father right down the road from us too. The kids love when he stops in with his dog, R, and kick the ball around the back yard together. I swear being a grandparents is the best job in the world!
Grandparents Day 2014I am also blessed that when we go back home there are more than a few generations waiting for us to visit. I love getting more than one generation together to catch up. There is nothing so magical then getting grandparents and even great-grandparents around. Here is our four generations photo from this summer where truly great memories were made that will last a lifetime.

Grandparents Day 2014

Appleyard London Grandparents Day 2014

So I hope all of you are celebrating Grandparents Day this Sunday. What do you have planned? Any special gifts to say a big thank you? Why not send them a beautiful boutique of flowers from Appleyard London. They are celebrating Grandparents Day too! Let’s join them. 

They have a new special range for Grandparents and as a regular reader of my blog you get the exclusive 40% discount just use BLOG40 when you are at checkout. It’s a win-win for you and the Grandparents! 

I was lucky enough to be sent the Bright Smiles bouquet and trust me it didn’t disappoint. From the moment the mailman dropped it off, to me carefully unpacking it’s amazing package to setting them in my favorite vase, I was stunned. The vibrant colors and blooms were beautiful. I thought they might be a little wilted but not even close. I see why they named it Bright Smiles because it sure put a bright smile on this girls face. I am a sucker for fresh flowers in the house. 

Grandparents Day 2014 Appleyard London

As you can see the only way to do this stunning bouquet of flowers is to show you a few close ups of the magnificent blooms. I am in awe of their color. So beautiful and bright! Appleyard London Grandparents Day 2014Appleyard London Grandparents Day 2014        Appleyard London Grandparents Day 2014

Appleyard London Grandparents Day 2014A huge thank you to Appleyard London for their extraordinarily beautiful bouquet and for the generous discount to all my regular readers.  I hope everyone has a safe and fantastic Grandparents Day this Sunday! 

appleyard london

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14 thoughts on “We’re celebrate Grandparents Day this Sunday”

  1. That bouquet really is gorgeous! So lovely that your kids have at least one set of grandparents close by…I wish we lived closer to either my parents or my husbands parents, but my parents are four hours away and my husbands parents are across the country. Its never been that big of deal to go see my parents, but with Bubby in school now, we have to schedule around that, limiting us to the weekend and holidays, and with eight hours gone in travel, the weekend isn’t even worth it!

    • Ya I can imagine that is so very hard. I hate not being next to more family. Especially now that I have kids. Well I hope you get to at least do FaceTime or Skype with them.

  2. Oh what a beautiful bouquet! Both H’s parents and my Dad live several hours from us but the children definitely make up for lost time when they do see them!

    • Yes I bet they do. Hard not having all the family right down the road isn’t it? I would kill to have all their cousins and aunts and uncles around too. That’s how I grew up. But some time is better than none. Thanks hunny

    • Thank you. I love generation gatherings! The flowers were stunning I will be definitely using this company again and with 40% off discount code why not? hahaha

    • Thank you hunny. I know I thought so definitely going to use them in future for mailing flowers. It was fantastic having them arrive so fresh and vibrant.

    • Thank you so much. Yes they deserve it! Although I only found out about grandparents day this year. Glad we didn’t miss it. Lol any excuse to spoil family.


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