Carpe Diem, London bound, and odd weather #littleloves

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:25 am

Hello, everyone. Happy Friyay. Today is a special day because as you sit and read this I am on a train or just arriving in the big city of London. Whoop, whoop. It’s the MAD Blog Awards ceremony tonight and I am more nervous than ever as I am up for Best Family Fun award among so many other talented bloggers. I am so excited to see some close friends and make new ones in the process. I love blogging events they always get me buzzing about blogging when I come home. I have a dressed all picked out but it’s a style I normally don’t wear so I stepping out of my comfort zone tonight. Whether I win or lose I just want to say thank you all for getting me to the finals with your amazing support. It’s a honor. I am sure you will see a sea of instagram spamming of the evening or pop over and peak earlier to see what I am up while prepping during the day.
Little loves #littleloves
This week we are loving…

I am loving my new office space and while it’s not quite finished to share I have been sitting here at my desk reading the lovely first edition of Oh Lilla Magazine. I have to say it’s a must-read and of course its adorned with the gorgeous MummyDaddyMe girls too. I have been reading a lot more magazine lately. But I am still in the search for a really good page turner…please leave your suggestions below…

I have been trying to revamp my youtube and take out some old videos that are just cringe worthy and start videoing some new things for you all. I came across this one with my favorite girls and it’s a great laugh if you haven’t seen it already. Otherwise stop by and let me know what you would like to see on my channel next. Would love your feedback…

The weather has been so crazy from one extreme to the other. You can tell by this week’s wardrobe choices from wool ponchos and boots to shorts and flip-flops all in one week, it’s being rather odd. I have heard next week is supposed to be hot and then get cold again. I really never know what to throw on for the school run by the time I get there I am either too hot in something or too cold and have to change by the time I do the pick up which just makes me look crazy. It’s a never ending rota during the day with outfits. I wish it would pick one or the other already. I am ready for Fall and cozy clothes. I branched out with my nail color too, this week, for the MAD Blog Awards. I don’t usually go dark but I am loving it. I have been talking a lot about stepping out of my comfort zones lately. Everything else is changing around me, why not a new me too.
I made Lemon Meringue Cupcakes for #NationalCupcakeWeek. If there is a week in the year for me it’s national cupcake week. I tend to put my thinking cap on and make a variety of cupcakes throughout the week. I pretty much love all cupcakes. I made some chocolate ones for the neighbors and some strawberry ones for nursery but my Lemon Meringue cupcakes were a challenge. After making them three times, I finally got a winning batch of cupcakes. I made these for my lovely friend Morgana’s birthday although sadly she got the frosted failed ones. It was the thought that counts and we had a great night celebrating her birthday instead.
Lemon Meringue Cupcakes Recipe National cupcake week Oxo Good Grips Baking
It’s the end of all my fabulous giveaways going on in celebration of my second blog birthday. If you haven’t had a chance please stop by and enter here. There are a variety of prizes to win from home decor, kitchen gadgets, baby toys, flower bouquets and more.

Thank you all so much for reading Let’s Talk Mommy and welcoming me into the blogosphere so warmly. Let’s all keep encouraging each other along the way and put all those judgements behind us. Everyone is different and has a different way in life but we are blogging in the same palce and deserve encouragement, politeness, and support. I would love to see bloggers united as one big happy family.


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14 thoughts on “Carpe Diem, London bound, and odd weather #littleloves”

    • It’s a new favorite of mine and I have been making a lot more baking with lemon lately. It used to be too tart for me but now I am obsessed. Thanks Sian I will need it. Thanks for always supporting me.

  1. Have a wonderful time in London Jenny, have a drink for me! I expect lots of behind the scenes gossip on whatsapp, haha!
    Love that you shared that video, it always makes me laugh, that was such a fun weekend. xxx

    • Best weekend ever. We have to do it again soon! Well after flump is born of course. I had a great birthday weekend and coffee meet ups. I love my Morgana time! lol 🙂 Oh yes will send the gossip whats app style for sure. It’s not the same on the train without you.

  2. Looking lovely! Good luck tonight. Those cupcakes look devine. I don’t really get people being nasty or unsupportive of other bloggers. Thankfully I don’t hear any of it. I would hate to hear people being nasty about each other. We are adults not children. Very petty in my opinion. KA x

    • Thanks Kerri-Ann for always being such a great supporter of me and my blog. Can’t wait for our coffee date lol Cupcakes are delicious will have to make you some. I don’t usually but in general I just think the world needs to be less judgy.

  3. Huge huge congrats on your MADS winner Jenny, I was made up for you. Those lemon meringue cupcakes look amazing, yum.
    The weather is crazy at the minute, I packed all my summer stuff away last week and today has been gorgeous. xxx

    • Oh Jo thank you ever, ever so much. I couldn’t have done it without so many supporters, my readers and it’s just an amazing feeling that someone likes what I write. The cupcakes were amazing. I am not friends with the weather I hope it holds for our family photos this Saturday.


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