WIN a Valentine’s Day Box of Guylian Chocolate Praline Sweethearts

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:00 pm

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It comes up fast every year. It’s a time to celebrate friendships as much as family and partners. Of course, what goes hand in hand with love’s special day? Flowers? Balloons? Cards? Chocolate? Oh yes, all of the above and more. While I love a good bouquet of flowers or a mushy card filled with love, I think my favorite thing is chocolate on Valentine’s Day. I never feel guilty eating the whole box myself. It was my gift after all.

These Guylian chocolate were a special Belgian chocolate treat filled with roasted hazelnut praline. I definitely didn’t want to share them. I love Belgian chocolate, there is something so creamy and smooth about their chocolate.

I am a sap for a good love story. Did you know Guylian brand started with the love between Guy and Liliane. They combined their praline recipes and seashell shapes into the brand we all recognize today. Now that’s what makes a good chocolate – REAL LOVE!

Guylian have a huge range for Valentine’s Day to choose from with big or small boxes for those that like sharing. Unlike me, it’s a good thing Guy and Liliane liked to share or we wouldn’t get to drool over a delicious box at Valentine’s Day.

Not a sap for a love story, how about charity?

The seahorse sign isn’t just to signify quality it’s for healthy oceans too. Each time you buy a box of Guylian Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells you are helping save seahorses and the seas in the charity Project Seahorse.

So if you don’t buy them for a loved one, buy them for yourself to give back. In the meantime, I am giving a chance for a reader to WIN a heart box of these delicious treats below. So don’t forget to get your entries in and come back each day to tweet for those extra bonus entries. You could be indulging in these this Valentine’s Day.

I like a nice cup of tea, a box of chocolates and a quiet hour to read a good book. That’s the best Valentine’s Day present I could ever get. I am easy to please. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day present? What do you prefer? Going out, staying in, peace and quiet or a family gathering?????

Need some more gift ideas check out my Valentine’s Day Gift guide for her and him or want to share the love around the house, why not give your home a little Valentine’s Day decor style too.



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19 thoughts on “WIN a Valentine’s Day Box of Guylian Chocolate Praline Sweethearts”

  1. What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day present you have ever received??

    My husband is not super romantic, but one year we took a road trip and had a great time just being together.

  2. One Valentine’s Day my boyfriend bought me a couple of Boyd’s Bears, which was great because he usually just a last minute flower and box of candy type of guy.


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