My recipe for a perfect holiday #MarkWarnerMum

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What ingredients make the perfect holiday? When you have kids in school and nursery, and you and your partner work full-time, you want to make the time you do have off together extra special. I call us a chameleon family as much as I am a chameleon blogger.  We are made up of three countries just in our immediately family of North America, Southern Ireland and the UK. We love change, trying new things and being different. So what ingredients does a chameleon family need for the perfect holiday?

We love to let our holiday destinations inspire us, change us, love us, and motivate us. We love to venture to places that not only leave us with cherished family memories but a place that will stay with us and affect us long after we have landed back home.

For a chameleon family like ours, there are endless destination options that appeal to us. We travel to the woodlands of America each summer to hike, swim, bike, boat, fish, and visiting my family. We love being adventurous and enjoy what mother nature has to offer, especially the kids. It’s in their genes from their country mama to their city father. We also love to sightsee and learn the history of towns and cities we visit in France, Spain, and Italy. Broadening our child’s experiences as much as we possibly can to make them worldly. Every now and again, it’s ok to lay on the beach somewhere and soak up the sun rays. Everyone needs vitamin d in their bodies. This is where the destination doesn’t matter it’s what we do at that destination together as a family that matters most. We will always be a step away from fun waiting to be found and conquered.

This is what I love about being a blogger so much. My blog doesn’t have to fit one destination. It can be a mixture of ingredients all put together to create a great recipe, a perfect holiday recipe. It’s all in the baking. I have so many passions to share on my blog and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

My love for food styling is constantly being inspired by a place I have been on holiday, the foods I have tasted along the way and the people I have met in a particular culture. My family’s love for trying new restaurants and cuisines is just as passionate as my own. As a foodie family together we come home creating recipes together to celebrate those fond holiday memories all over, again and again.

Blackcurrant Croissant Cheese Cake Recipes

After a trip to France and eating fresh hot croissants, my blog saw numerous inspired recipes like this Blackcurrant Croissant Cheesecake (above) and Raisin Croissant Pudding (below) and more.

croissant raisin pudding with apricot recipe

My love for interiors is growing everyday as I continuously redecorate and change rooms in my house. I put together mood boards for homes I dream about having in various places around the world. Being an expat and a traveller makes me dream of these various destinations that life could take us to. I decorate my current home, inspired by the places I have been and seen and fallen in love with.

Mustard polish, after school snacks and a London bedroom #littleloves

A return trip to London saw my big boy’s bedroom decorated in buses/guards.

Most importantly my passionate love for my family is the most imporant ingredient of “my life” recipe. I want this recipe to be my greatest creation of all. One that I nurture, love, mix carefully, guide, add new ingredients, and experience for years to come before it’s done. Year after year, it’s about the little and big ingredients we whisk together as a family. Our holidays are always perfect because we are together creating great memories and sharing our passions together as a family unit. I can see through our traveling experiences how the places we have been to, the people we have met and made friends with, and the cultures that my children have been exposed to are making them well rounds individual beings. It has inspired their lives is so many different ways and will stay with them long after our perfect holiday is over. We make our perfect holidays as much about the kids as we do us as partners. We find balance in doing family activities together and having husband and wife time too, concentrating on just us as a couple.

Me & Mine November a monthly family portrait project

spain, scatterd cushions and #littleloves

^ Family Fun Time ^

Nikki Beach Marbella Spain Family Traveling

^ Husband and Wife Time ^

Me and Mine August a monthly family portrait project blog hop

^ Learning about wheat farming in the fields of Idaho, USA ^ Our beach days in America family travel

^ Trying new water sports on the lake (look I am a pro) ^Nikki Beach Marbella Spain Family Traveling

^ Father / Son time on the beach ^

If one of my recipes sparks someone to pick up the camera on holiday and start snapping various angles of the amazing cuisine before them or take it home to create their own versions, I will be happy. Or whether my style snaps on instagram, of what I am wearing for a day out with the kids, inspires a busy mama to know it’s ok to throw on a pair of skinny jeans, baggy t-shirt and feel like a million pounds, I will be happy. Maybe my many blog posts/videos of our expat life and traveling experiences, both far away and close to home, can inspire others to share the world with their children as much as possible, I will be happy. I would even be happy if my love for snapping up our daily family life whatever it is and sharing it with the world, motivated someone else to do the very same.

Make your life recipe one filled with perfect holiday recipes. The kind of recipe that stays with you forever.

#markwarnermum application 2016 Mark Warner Holidays

This is our entry for the #MarkWarnerMum/#MarkWarnerDad 2016 Family Ambassador scheme. See more at Mark Warner.

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