Best Birth Positions

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 09:47 pm

Having had three children in three different positions, I would like to think that I can offer a few options. Doing a bit of research online, it seems that google agrees with my recommendations too. So I thought I would share them with you. 

There used to be only one way to having babies in the hospital and that was your feet in stirrups. Clearly, designed by a man and thankfully not used anymore. How torturous for us. Here are so ways you might not thought about but want to discuss with your midwife.

On Your Knees and Hands 

There is this thing called gravity for a reason.  It was far easier to push down in my body than flat on my back pushing up and out. I promise you. Letting gravity help your body will be key. I found holding this position was also more relaxing in between contractions and pushing. A bit like doing a yoga position and allowing it to wash over your body to calm you. If you believe in that sort of thing. It’s not for everyone because you feel like you can’t see what’s going on.

Standing & Holding or Leaning onto Something 

My friend said she leaned over a small chest of drawers to have her baby. The natural birthing centres all have them in the room. She said, she was standing the entire time and it kept her more grounded and in tune with her body. She rested her head on her forearms on top of a chest of drawers and could grip the edges when she needs to hold on during contractions. Standing means you can rock back and forth and sway. Like rocking your baby before it’s born.

Sitting on Edge of Chair or Ball

This can be good if you want your partner behind you and lean into him. Sometimes he can sit behind you or hold you behind the chair back. You can edge your bottom to the end of the chair or ball. This helps gravity guide you and lets you stay upright so your in control and can watch. You could even guide your baby out yourself. I have done it. It’s an amazing feeling to help pull your own baby out.

Leaning over or kneeling

This comes highly recommended. It has the benefits of the hands and knees position. You can pull strength from holding on to something or leaning on something. I had my second baby on a bean bag chair holding onto the back of it and in a kneeling position. It was great for when I needed to push down and could hug the back tightly. Gravity assisted me in this position and I felt it was less painful than my first birth that was lying on my back.

Lying on a bed (old fashion way) 

This doesn’t allow gravity to help but longer labors can be exhausting. You might need to rest and lie down. I found this position the worse when I had my first to be honest but I know others said they would have been too weak to hold their body weight up in other positions. 

In a Birth Pool 

My last baby came slower than the first two so we opted to try a birthing pool. The warm water helps soothe you and acts like a natural pain relief. Watching your baby swimming out and taking their first breathe in your arms is magical. 

Out of lying on my back with my first, kneeling on a bean bag with my second and a water birth for my third, I would say I preferred the second. All my babies were born fairly fast and similar situations so it gave me a great way to weigh in on my decision. No birth was more traumatic than the other so nothing was there except the positions to sway me. Bean bag all the way!!!

Who would have thought sitting on a bean bag playing video games when I was a teenager that one day I would be having a baby on one?

Do you have a plan for your birth position?

Have you spoke to your midwife about the different options as many don’t even know there ARE options to choose from. It might not going according to plan like most birth plans in general but it’s good to know what you can try if you need options later.

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