{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #20

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For those that missed it, Buba stole my laptop and decided to share some of Mommy & Daddy’s secrets on Funny Phrase Day Friday and last week I vowed pay back. So as promised my dear little Buba, Mommy has been doodling on your pictures.

funnny20I could have been a lot meaner on your photo but you are so adorable, I just couldn’t do it. Although after what’s been coming out of your mouth this week, you deserved more.

I have always been self conscience and it’s at an all time high at the moment because my toddler has been throwing one liners at me left and right about my appearance. I am starting to wonder if I should actually pay more attention to myself.

On Wednesday: It was a sunny morning, we were playing out back on the slide, t-shirts on and I even had shorts on. Yes, I know a little much but anything to let light to these pasty limps. Buba came running over and hugged my leg. I saw the look of utter disgust on his face. What’s wrong I asked? Ouch, Mommy your leg hurt me, it’s all spiky…. as I laughed hysterically, he added… What’s wrong with it?”  I attempted to explain it’s cold out and Mommy prefers the extra layer! He cocked his head sideways and ran off. 

This morning: While putting Buba down for his nap, he asked me to sing to him. I usually only sing to him at bedtime after his story but since he is full of Chicken Pox, I caved in. After three songs, and him begging for more I called it quits. As is his new routine we he is done with his tuck me in routine he says, “ok go downstairs now Mommy or Daddy” but today I got another command I never expected, “Mommy, go get ready!” “Get ready for what?” I asked. “You need to get out of your jammies and put your clothes on.” I didn’t give an immediate response as I was so shocked. Yes, being in my jammies at noon isn’t my norm but I thought today with two chicken pox filled children it would be ok. Clearly he did not think this was acceptable. “Ok, I will go get dressed,” I said and kissed him goodnight. As I shut the door he shouted, “Mommy, shower first and put your clothes on!” I am hoping it was just his OCD order of things and not because he thought I smelled bad. Either way, I now have a mini complex about it. And just so you know, I showered, did my makeup and hair and put one of my favorite outfits on just to make myself feel better. Never thought a two year old could make me think I let myself go.

Then he made my mini complex go even bigger when I said I love you Buba as we were walking home from the park and he replied, “I love my Daddy.” Not that it bothers me that his Daddy is his shiny super hero, ok maybe a little but he kept saying it, “I love my Daddy. He is my Daddy.” I said you can love us both. “No I love Daddy! My Daddy”.

Ok now I have bad hygiene and he doesn’t love me anymore. That’s enough to send me eating tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for comfort.

And lastly…

Things my toddler is afraid of…

The hand dryer in public restrooms.

The kitchen broom.

The oven fan.

The sound of the car engine.

The timer on the microwave.

The doorbell, or someone knocking on the front door.

The telephone ringing.

The cute yellow caterpillar on Jake & The Neverland Pirates.

The shower.

His shadow.

A moving shadow on the wall.

And many more to come!

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So as I eat my depressing ice cream, I will continue to doodle on your pictures Buba. Know though, even in my jammies without a shower and spiky legs, Mommy still loves you Buba and no, I will not share my ice cream with you. 





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7 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #20”

  1. He’s like your own little motivator! Loved reading this but I hope my little boy doesn’t start taking in my appearance too much…it’s not a pretty sight most days! Still, what a lovely age when he starts showing more and more of his personality x

  2. Ha ha ha, this is so funny Jenny! Kids really say what they think, huh? I get the “I love Daddy line” ALL the time, from all three boys, even the one who can’t talk yet. I hope the babies get better from their poxiness soon and you get time to have a shower in your own sweet time, without being told to get in there! xx

    • Hahah Thank you Jess. Me too. They really are so funny toddlers. His little personality is really coming through. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad you like Funny PD Friday. I know I am starting to get self conscience now. lol


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