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Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:25 pm

The Christmas decorations are put away, up in the loft for another year. We have recently revamped our front living room but it’s still a work in progress with the little accessories. One such place I am focusing on at the moment is the mantelpiece. I have a white and black fireplace and a large pewter mirror above it but at the moment that is as far as the decorating goes for this particular area. I am dying to find exactly how I want to style it. Here are some of my mantelpiece ideas and inspiration looks to help me make my decision. 

Cottage Look:mantelpiece inspiration home decor

I love the cottage look. The all white look with reclaimed wood and greenery from the great out doors. Chalkboards are always a great home accessory too. I love this style but my mantelpiece is all white so if I went with this style I would need to add a little more color to it. Maybe with colored pitchers instead of white?  

Bringing Nature Indoors Look:mantelpiece inspiration home decor


I am all about bringing nature indoors. I have a whole pinterest board on the different ways you can do so as well as blogged about it a few times. I love this beachy themes one. It’s light and airy and would go with my current decor well.  

Eclectic Look: mantelpiece inspiration home decor


The modern eclectic way to go these days. This would be a little outside my normal style but I love everything about it and the colors really would suit my multicolored living room. I have coral, baby blue, lime green, and silver cushions on my sofas and I am looking to pull those colors more throughout the room with accessories. 

Simple & Safe:mantelpiece inspiration home decor

Simple is safe just as I call this style but elegant. I love this for the little floral and nature branches that it has in it and the all white look. I know I definitely want flowers in a vase or pitcher and branches of some type somewhere along it. So I am finally getting a few styles in mind in my research.  

East Coast America Inspired Look:mantelpiece inspiration home decor

I think I just love this style for the red brick. Unfortunately, I can’t just make red brick show up. I do love these two white vases and branches though. This is the kinda of style I want to incorporate I just don’t know whether I should go hunting for unique branches outdoors or search the internet for faux ones so I always have them looking fresh and new?? I also can’t decide whether I want naked branches or if I want leafy ones? Or do I go all flower blooms its a very big decision to make as each way would change the look completely.  

Oriental Look:mantelpiece inspiration home decor


I love the branches here with a little bit of leaves left on it. This oriental look is great. While it would necessarily suit my new living room this vase and branches would. If I could find a more coral colored vase it would be perfect. 

So I am doing research on styles and trends before I jump to buying home accessories like I normally do. I always find if you take your time with each space, and research styles, you are more apt to never want to change it. Rush your decorating and you could be like I was with my front room and revamping it all over again in a few years.  

Check out more of my mantelpiece inspiration on my Pinterest board. Tag me in if you find some great ideas for mantelpieces and I will repin them to my board. Take a peak below… 

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15 thoughts on “Mantelpiece Inspiration”

  1. I love all of these Jenny! I’ve literally just revamped my mantelpiece today for a post in a couple of weeks! I really want a windowpane though. Where would I go for one of those i wonder?? 🙂 I’m sure whatever you do it will be beautiful! Xx

    • Thanks Emma you are so sweet. I keep going back and forth of what I want. Did you try to second hand shops. Or reclaimed yards they might have one. You can buy individual windowpanes and distress them for an older look but the latter is more expensive. I wanted a windowpane for the hallway wall. My best friend made an awesome collage photo frame out of one. Looked amazing. I literally could redecorate my mantelpiece each week. I swear.

    • Me too, it’s my favorite hence why it comes first. Just trying to find a few more pieces that I could put on my mantelpiece to pull off the look. My dining room is all shabby chic and I love it.

  2. Some great ideas. I do love the modern one. I really live those glass mount frames (not sure of the name). We’ll be replacing out mantels as part of the renovations and I can’t wait!!! Looking forward to seeing what you put together xx

  3. I’d go for either the cottage look or the beach – they’re both gorgeous, especially the grey walls in the beach picture – but alas no fireplace for us, it was an incredibly ugly gas fire and we took it out when we moved in!

    • Ya we only have a fake one while the kids are young. But when we move an open fireplace is one of my must haves!!!! For sure! They are great to decorate seasonally too.

    • I agree. It’s so hard to choose which I should go for. I am really struggling. It’s almost worse when you find so many beautiful ideas. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  4. This is very timely! I have the worse fireplace and surround in the world. Ever. Honest. It’s MOD issue and UGLY! Its a stumbling block for me. I just don’t know what to do with it so it’s mostly empty. I think I just need to get over it. Like the brass on the oriental and the whole look of the eclectic – I wonder if mine is really narrow though, just to spite me ha!


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