Pink Leather Jackets, Christmas Fudge, and preparing for Mexico

Last updated on July 13th, 2024 at 08:38 am

Happy FriYAY! Oh, my goodness, it’s been weeks since I wrote my weekly roundup. I do apologize. In five years, I don’t think I have ever been so busy that I have missed four weeks in row sharing what I love this week. It’s always been my favorite post at the end of the week to sum up what I am have been up to and taking those smaller moments to enjoy the little things in life from books, to coffee to fashion and more. Well, don’t worry I haven’t given up, I am back.

As I said it’s been quite the busy festive season this year. We have another baby added in the mix who is looking forward to his first Christmas. Well, I am excited not him, he doesn’t know what’s going on but those twinkly lights are his favorite. It’s been crazy at work more than most years which I am in NO WAY complaining. I needed it so badly and I can relax going on our trip to Mexico for hubby’s big 40th birthday for New Years now too. If anyone wants to come pack for a family of five though I would take you up on that offer. I hate packing!

I hope you will all follow along ig stories and my instagram feed (just click the pink box below to follow me) while we are in Mexico staying at the Moon Palace. It looks a treat just need the weather to improve as this week it’s horrible there. EEK. It’s amazing how weather can make or break a holiday and all that money could be for nothing if it’s really bad. We have been there, just recalling our honeymoon disaster in Bora, Bora with a tropical storm.

Let’s get on with the little things I have been loving this week…

read reading

I finished The Life Changing Magik of Not Giving a F**K. It’s an easy read, some good tips and pointers for life, but I read it in one bath sitting. The water may have gone slightly cold but I wanted to finish it. Verdict…well, it’s an easy and positive read so why not. Nothing life changing came of it for me though. If you felt differently would love to know what you thought and why?

On to the next book, it’s a more serious page turner called Double Kiss by Ronnie O’Sullivan. I honestly don’t know if someone gave me this book, if I bought it, where it came from but cleaning out my utility closet it was on a shelf. I have a few more easy reads for Mexico but thought I would see if I could finish this before we fly.

heard listening to

Did you hear I did a 30 day detox? It was painful but I got through it and you can watch it all on my igtv channel. I recorded all the challenges, what I was eating and having to cut out, what I found hard each day, and my progress throughout and from start to finish. It’s the longest I have ever gone without coffee too. I know, NO coffee! That’s a sin right there. Would love you to pop over and watch, let me know what you think? Have you tried a detox that worked for you or perhaps tried Arbonne before? What did you think?

watched watch

Don’t forget to catch baby boy’s 7 month update or our Spain trip on my youtube channel. If you haven’t already done so please subscribe so you can keep up with out many adventures. I have a bunch of home shopping hauls and room tours coming in the new year as we renovate more of the house. I also have a new kids and adult fashion section coming to you too. Stay tuned.

November Siblings Project family portraits brothers and sisters
wore wear fashion

I have a think for pink coats and jackets it seems. I was going threw my wardrobe the other day and not only do I have four variations of a pink blazer, I have four pink coats. This one is my favorite at the moment. I love the cut. It’s warmer than my other leather jackets and it’s so soft too. I love the fabric detail on the areas from the leather too. I have tried a few Stitch Fix and Lookiero styling services to see how they compare and what I think of them. (Not an ad, I just wanted to try them). Full comparison from the USA services to the UK services coming in the New Year and the precious things I kept along the way, including this jacket!

*photo by Fish2Photography

made making

Part of my holiday tradition I love making treats for family and friends instead of just giving presents or cards. I think it’s more festive and fun that way. If you know me, you would have saw this year I made 9 pumpkin pies for various friends and family and hand delivered them that day to everyone. It made it feel more like a celebratory day. I do this with Christmas fudge too. You can see I make a variety each year and recipes can be found on here for Pumpkin Fudge, Peppermint Fudge, Coffee Chocolate Fudge and more.

Pumpkin Fudge recipe for thanksgiving
and lastly to share

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? Any favorite Christmas songs?  I would love to know. Let’s talk the festive holidays here. I don’t think too many like to engage with blogs as much as they used to. It’s more about watching on youtube while also doing something else. So if you sit down and you read my blog, let’s get back to chatting and talking shop. Leave a comment below…



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  1. This time of year is so busy and it has definitely felt busier this year. The first Christmas is always special, have a magical time. I have my fingers crossed for Mexico for you, I went years ago and had an amazing time. I hope you do too. Merry Christmas x


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