Pit & Peak of the Week 7

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:12 pm

Bye, bye Lanzarote! We are now back home with the rain and clouds, having said our goodbyes to Lanzarote’s hot sun and sandy beaches. Unfortunately we can’t live in fantasy land forever, but it was so lovely to visit there for a week with our kids.

It was our second holiday as a family of four, and first one that we had to fly together. I was a little apprehensive at first, on how the kids would both fare on the flight, as well as sharing a room in our hotel. Would the toddler keep the baby up? Or would the baby keep the toddler up? All these worries flooded my mind in the weeks leading up to our vacation.

I was pleasantly surprised that neither kept each other awake and they both were on their best behaviors on the flight there and back. We are very lucky to have two children that have amazing sleeping habits. It isn’t hard to choose what our Pit & Peak of the Week was last week but narrowing it down, is a task.

Pit: Leaving sunny Lanzarote behind after seven wonderful days was a BIG Pit. It was hard to leave such beautiful weather knowing that it was freezing and raining back home. We were flooded with jealous messages of friends and family telling us how horrible the weather was while we were away. Saying goodbye to not only the nice weather, but the lovely hotel and staff was just as hard. Being waited on is a novelty and Mommy could have easily become accustom to it. Upon landing, the wind was whirling like mad, the rain was coming down so hard it was difficult to drive in and the temperature was a shock to our system. There were three accidents on the way home, which meant long delays when we were all tired, hungry and just wanted our own beds.

Peak: We had numerous Peaks last week. It was amazing to see the kids come to life, building sand castles, learning to swim in the pool, trying new foods, and taking in another language at the same time. I think it’s a great blessing if you can travel with your kids to other countries and expose them to different cultures.  The highest Peaks for Mommy were: no cleaning up, no cooking, no laundry, no scheduled classes to rush for, just taking our time to do whatever we wanted, when we wanted. I think Buba’s Peak would definitely be swimming. He lived in the pool for most of the week even Missy Moo was fond of it. Mr. P. is a sun baby and soaked every last ray he could, right up until our taxi arrived for the airport. As a family, we have beaten our bad luck of hospital visits while on vacation, we were all healthy and happy every second of our trip which beats the last four that contained hospital visits from at least one of us.

Overall, the best week, full of Peaks and not so many Pits, thank goodness.


Pit Peak of the Week

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