A letter to Him & Her in July

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To my darling B, it’s almost been a full year of school for you. You have changed and grown up so much since September. It’s almost too much to bare thinking about. You went from a shy little thing to a grown up social butterfly. You love school which has made this last year so much easier. You don’t even fight on the homework side of it when you get home either. I can’t get over how much you have learned and accomplished in such a short time. You are like a little sponge that is eager to soak up anything and everything around him. It’s amazing to watch. You have made some good friends too as has Mommy through your school. It’s really starting to feel like a little community to be involved in. I can’t believe how much it has made you smile and how much you are constantly talking about school. I hope that it’s always the case as the years go by. But I have also noticed you are ready for summer. You are ready to hang up that uniform to have some chilled out time with your friends and family with no routines and early wake ups. I know you long to sleep in each morning being so tired towards the end of term. It’s only six more sleeps and we are in the states with Grandma and Papa pool side to chill for the summer. MM


My little minx MM, you are in full diva mode. Not in a bad way but in a start up way where you think you are boss and queen of the house. Your demands are coming in full now and I think you haven’t really realized you can’t always be the center of attention. Discipline that I haven’t ever really had to use on you is now in action and you are a little confused. You have always been the easy and quiet one of you and your brother and since he started school and you are out of his shadows you are ready to take the reins. You say what you think and you don’t hold back anymore. I like the assertiveness. You still have a shy side when you first meet someone but you are becoming more social every day with other kids your own age. You still like to tell your brother what to do and he still does it come school pick up time but I think that’s something agreed between the two of you but not between us. We have had to go head to head a few times so you know Mommy is boss. But it shows you have a strong character like me and I love watching you try to figure it all out. It seems your brother going to school and you having to work things out on your own has really made you grown up lately too. I even think you will soon catch up with him in height to his dismay. I continue to soak up and enjoy our one on one days during the week until you start school next year. With only one more year left for us to take advantage of our girlie days out I have a lot in store for us when we return from America this summer. Just me and you, and I hope it will be a year to remember for you. 

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