Let your doormats say it

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 03:59 pm

There is nothing better than “home, sweet, home” and letting the doormat say it all for you as you welcome family, friends and guests into your home. The entry way and hallway to your home is the first thing people see when they arrive. I love making first impressions with my home as much as I do first impressions meeting someone. I want you to feel welcome and cozy right from the start. With each season, I change up how I style my doorway and hallway.

I wanted to share with you my new summer entry way style here with this new gorgeous “home, sweet, home” Wayfair doormat. It is keeping with the neutral and grey color scheme I have throughout my house. I love the font on this doormat too.

Wayfair has a huge range of doormats that say it all for you from welcome, to funny phrases to family trees and family names printed on them. I think you should change your doormat every so often for a fresh look and they do get pretty mucky living in rainy England. There is a doormat for every style of home.

This one is a new favorite of mine because it looks good on both the outside and the inside of the house. I keep changing it around to my husband’s curiosity because I can’t decide which looks better. I love it in both places. I might just need to buy two.

I think the front of our house is transformed with a fresh coat of paint on the front door, new doormat, and fresh potted flowers. It’s always hard to choose a front door color but I stuck with matching our garage door at the side. These wicker basket pot I thought looked nicely with the red brick. I couldn’t resist a little lantern with a candle in it. I think I need a battery operated candle to flick inside it though.

It’s amazing when you just change something so small but it makes a big impact. I just need to pressure wash the tiles for a totally clean and botanical feel to my entryway. Whether I am leaving the house or coming home I makeĀ  note of how nice it looks now. It’s been about a year or so since I last styled it and made it look fresh. I tend to not keep anything out in the winter time as it just gets mud, rain and snow on it. It’s always something I do come spring time. With baby’s arrival, it was a little delayed this year but I am loving it now.

Speaking of having a new baby it’s amazing how much you see in your home that you want to spruce up or redecorate. I blame all those feeding hours of sitting there looking around while baby is nursing. You find things that you hadn’t noticed were dirty or needed fixed. I have a whole new list of things to do around the house this summer. Even glancing at online at new doormats, has inspired me to give each room a little sprucing up. Little things like a new plant, a photo frame with updated photo can really make a difference. I love making changes in my home. The end of this year we will be adding two whole bedrooms in the loft and its really going to give me space to decorate. I can’t wait.


*Collaboration, this item has been gifted.

7 thoughts on “Let your doormats say it”

  1. I’ve been on the lookout for a decent doormat for ages but haven’t been able to find one I like anywhere. I’ll have to check out Wayfair. We came very close to having our loft converted recently but instead opted to simply have it boarded out to increase storage space. I’m so excited! It means I can put away all the clutter currently taking up every spare bit of space I have – it’s going to feel like a new house!

  2. I love your doormat Jenny its lovely, I am looking out for one to go on our front porch, we have the most beautiful tiles and I want to protect them a little. With 2 teens its like a constant battle getting the to wipe their feet when they come in x

  3. Wayfair is a treasure trove of amazing products isn’t it? I totally agree with you, once you start browsing around, you think of some many other little things that you could really do with ha ha! Love the doormat, so welcoming too when visitors come to the door. xx


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