{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #23


It’s happened, it was only a matter of time before that woman’s head went in the clouds with everything she has going on. I think she has even gone a little mad but that’s between you and me. So, of course, she forgot Funny Phrase Day Friday yesterday, I don’t mind because now I can tell you the truth instead. Lately, I have been picking up the slack for her, which is fast becoming a norm in this house. Don’t worry, I am keeping a tally and going to cash in when she least expects it too. It’s only fair.

This week has been a fun one, I like when the sun is shining. I get to play outside on my slide, go to the park and sniff all these pretty things that Mommy put in our yard. Although I noticed they make me sneeze a lot so I told her, “tell your flowers to leave my nose alone!” She said they couldn’t understand her, I wish they could because it’s really annoying while I try to play. 

I got to try this red saucy stuff, for the first time ever this week, I think Mommy called it catch-up. Man, it was good. I asked Mommy if I could have more because “it did good on my tongue. I like that she let’s me try more food now that I am a big boy. I have “allargeese” and she is always paranoid about food. She laughed at me when I said, “my tongue needed more” I told her, “that’s not funny, stopping laughing”. Is everything a joke to this woman? 

My sister has been pestering me this week too, Mommy did something to her and now she can chase me, come get my toys and blankies, and be up in my business all the time. I liked when she didn’t move and I could come visit her as I pleased. I asked Mommy,  “could she please make her stop or teach her to play right”. And while we are on the subject of my sister whom I do love so very much most of the time, she did me proud this week when she pooed so big and stinky it went up her back and all over her belly. It was a big brother proud moment even I haven’t ever done that good of one. I had to get really close up to show my support. I even told Missy Moo, “Flower, that is the biggest poo, I EVER saw!” As proud of her as I was I couldn’t stay long, the smell was starting to burn my eyes. “That was one stinky poo poo, Missy Moo, I love it!”

While the sun was warming me yesterday, I decided my backyard was boring and told Mommy to take us to the park. She was taking her time with that pesky double stroller and worrying about Missy Moo being warm enough which irritated me as we were only going to the park, and the sun was shining. It didn’t make either of them go faster when I made a scene and urgently shouted, “quick, I got to get out of here, I need my park!”  I even stomped my feet a lot to show how serious I was but she continued to ignore me. I really couldn’t understand as she seems to go a hundred miles an hour for everything else that’s going on, why not this too? I thought she was going to get dressed, too, but she decided to go to the park in her jammies. Lazy woman! I told her, “she can’t go to the park in her jammies, go get dressed!” She lied and said they were yoga pants, whatever that means. They looked like jammies to me! 

She does seem to forget A LOT of things these days. Do you think she needs more vegehables? She says they help your brain but I am not convinced as it clearly isn’t helping her. I question her in the morning now, “are you going to do your face and clean your hair?” just to help remind her that she hasn’t done it yet. And now she has forgotten one of her favorite posts to write each week, what will she forget next? 

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5 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #23”

  1. Ha ha, forgetfulness is common in this Mummy too 🙂 and I could really do with someone to remind me to do my hair and face.

    Thanks so much for linking up this week. #Funee

    • Hahahah thanks for stopping by and commenting. It’s great to have a little reminder each morning but sometimes hearing get dressed and put ur face on when u want to stay in pjs all day doesn’t work. Haha

  2. I love the way you have written it this week, really cute. The bit with the poo made me smile, how to impress big brothers is definitely with poo, burps and ‘bottom burps’ I think


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