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My kids kicking with Bobux shoes Britmums Live SponsorWhere have I been living the past five years since I became a mother? I think, under a rock because it would seem that everyone knows just how amazing Bobux shoes are for kids but me! Well, that is until now. I was introduced to Bobux a few months back when I got these amazing Peony and Navy Striped Sandals for MM for our holiday trip to Spain. I was looking for something that would be a sandal but still keep her feet warm as it wasn’t quite summer in the UK yet. (Is it ever summer in the UK?). I immediately fell in love and starting sharing how much I loved them on my social media and found out, as usual, everyone was already clued in on this great kid’s brand for shoes. 

So of course it was only natural that I had to test out the older kid’s kicks for my son too and some open sandals for MM for our trip to America this summer where it will be blistering hot. I think I have a thing for kid’s shoes as much as I do for shoes for myself. I can’t get over the quality of the Bobux shoes, they are very well made. They are thick and sturdy so they withstand kid’s playtime but they aren’t stiff and uncomfortable. There is so much soft padding inside them, you can trust they aren’t going to rub and blister your little ones feet. I was a bit worried about this as MM tend to get blisters when she wears shoes without socks. They felt so thick at first, I thought for sure they would rub but they didn’t.  B even said how soft they felt when he put them on. Having bought cheap shoes in the past and regretting it almost immediately, I think it’s worth paying for good quality shoes that will last, that look great and find a brand you can trust over and over. Bobux is that for us now. (I am not just saying that either, you can see how much everyone else is boasting about them on my twitter feed last week). They have shoes from Newborns & Prewalkers to First Walkers to Toddlers & Preschoolers (up to size 29). They do run big (about one and half sizes too big) so I was so excited B still could fit into their biggest size for awhile yet. Their patterns, designs and styles are corky, trendy and colorful. 

My kids kicking with Bobux shoes Britmums Live Sponsor

Of course, I am love letting my kids express their own personality and style by giving them a choice in what they wear. B choose these Blaze Snow Wolf Hawaiian Ocean shoes. He loved the vibrant blue colors and snow wolf on the side. They are easy to put on and off so he can slip them on after school to go out and play in. They are perfect for summer as these shoes feature a scuff resistant, micro-armour toe cap which helps limit bumps and scuffs on the front of the shoe. Bonus, if the wolves are facing each other your child knows they have them on the right feet. I love how flexible they feel but they have great grip for the playground on the bottom too. Today B was begging me to wear them for his school disco which I thought was cute, he couldn’t wait to show them off. He calls them his wolf shoes. 

Kid's Fashion: Bobux shoes Britmums Live Sponsor

My kids kicking with Bobux shoes Britmums Live Sponsor

My kids kicking with Bobux shoes Britmums Live Sponsor

MM surprised me this time as she normally picks out very vibrant colored things for her wardrobe. Sometimes I nudge her in a different direction if they are way out there and wouldn’t match anything. After loving the peony and navy shoes that she has and wanting them for myself (hint, hint Bobux make adult sandals to match), I did nudge her to choose between two light colored sandals as we have a few weddings and christening coming up and I think with her vibrant wardrboe sometimes a subtle neutral shoe is needed. She picked out these Breeze White sandals with the gorgeous flower detail with a silver embellishment on top. What I love most about these sandals, they don’t look silly with socks on so she can wear them with or without socks depending on the weather. Some sandals you can’t get away with socks. We live in the UK so the weather is always a guess, it can be really warm one day and the next day you will need your winter coat back out. They are so padded I can trust that they won’t give her blisters or rub when she has no socks on with them. The wipe clean so it’s easy to keep them white. Let’s face it, every little girl needs a white pair of shoes in their wardrobe because they go with everything. Although these sandals do come in a beautiful red or navy color too. 

My kids kicking with Bobux shoes Britmums Live SponsorMy kids kicking with Bobux shoes Britmums Live Sponsor

I love when I find a kid’s brand that is what it should be and more. I only wish they did bigger sizes so B could continue to wear their cool shoes after this year. But at least I have a few more years of strutting the Bobux shoes for MM. I think with kids shoes are a hit or miss sometimes. Every persons’ feet are different and need different support and durability. Kids are so hard on their shoes on a daily basis that I find spending the money on good shoes not only saves their feet from rubs and blisters but it supports them better when they are running around. You can buy six pairs of cheaper shoes trying to find the right one or them wearing out too fast or you can find quality kid’s shoes that you can count on the first time.

Kid's Fashion: Bobux shoes Britmums Live Sponsor

Happy Feet – Happy Kids!

My kids kicking with Bobux shoes Britmums Live Sponsor

I am even more ecstatic to announce that Bobux are sponsoring me for the 2016 BritMums Live event in London. Where parent bloggers alike gather to share, inspire, motivate, and learn. Who better to represent a brand than a parent that is so in love with that brand. I couldn’t be more grateful to them for teaming up with Let’s Talk Mommy. Thank you Bobux! 

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*Let’s Talk Mommy is an honest blog, I would never rave about a product, item or brand that I didn’t actual truly love or use myself. I was sent these shoes for an honest review. Like all my reviews, if I find fault in them or I find that it’s not a product or brand I would continue to use and love, I wouldn’t share it here on my blog. I am in no way persuaded by compensation to rave about a brand or product ever on this site. 

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